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Fri Aug 12 12:14:51 EDT 1994

The Beetle Valley Contest rules are spreading like wildfire. A few
of us top european single band guys have realized the full
potential of the disadvantage of the single operator category.
After calling in experts to find the true translation of the phrase
"single operator", the answer opened up new possibilities. The wise
one said: "Single operator meant that only one guy makes the QSO.
Only one guy reads the packet read out. Only one guy spots the
mults." Of course we said, that means we can be 3 guys and still be
single operator. The Three Amigos. Who cares if the competition
fails to get the right translation. And after the contest is over
we can try to comply with the Beetle Valley rule which states that
all results must be modemed within 1 hour after the contest ends.
This rule, by the way, was meant to eliminate all Dxpeditions and
technologically handicapped persons, you know the guys with money
and the "deltas" of the worlds society. One hour is long enough to
run our log through Buckmaster, Super CK partial, and the London
phone book to eliminate all possible errors in the log. We started
off with 4000 QSO's and ended up with 256. But we are sure the log
is clean. We can hardly wait for the certificate. It is sent by
Beetle Valley HQ's electronically on Tuesday. Although it is
simple, it is all I needed to know that my Single operator effort
was recognized. It says on my dot matrix printout: "YOU WON". I am
going to make three copies.  

Bob, K3EST
cmschonewaldcox at

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