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Sun Aug 14 15:11:23 EDT 1994

K3WW is right. In the PVRC in the 60's we had a VERY good 2 meter
spotting network. There is no difference at all, except you do not
have to throw off your headphones, with packet. We even used to 
try to listen to the FRC VHF system. So packet is not NEW at all, just
more convenient for spotting mults. We used to get hundreds of call
outs on 2 meters/weekend. 
Another thing is the idea that the DVP/DVK is something new. We used
to have very good tape loops for calling CQ at W3AU. One loop drove
all the stations. By just throwing a switch we could call CQ on 15
or all bands at the same time. The whole thing cost about $20.
The big Mults back then in DC area were W4BVV and W3AU. One year
we had W3ZZ record a tape CQ and his voice was used at BOTH stations!
It was fun because Gene's voice is so distinctive. Once on 15(where
I was operating) W3AU and W4BVV were calling on the same Freq
with W3ZZ's voice. The other guy really did have to copy the call
Tape loops are easily available at Radio shack (1 min loop). Just
record 8 CQ's and build an interface to your transmitter. We even had
a volume adjust for the earphones. You can save yourself $200. 
73 Bob K3EST

>From n4hy at (Bob McGwier)  Mon Aug 15 02:18:58 1994
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Date: Sun, 14 Aug 94 21:18:58 EDT
Subject: MM and packet
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At N2RM, it is my experience that almost every new multiplier is put out
after we work it unless the heat is really on.


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