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Tue Aug 16 14:11:04 EDT 1994

Responding to Phil, N6ZZ regarding Screw-in Anchors:

I'm using 3 1/2' x 6" Rohn screw anchors from Texas Towers to guy 70'
of 25G. I used 3-hole equalizer plates (EP25343) to attach 2 sets of guys.
My soil is better than what is considered "normal" according to a local
commercial rigger I contacted (I assume they should know!).

I had the same concerns as you and contacted a gentleman in the Rohn
Engineering Dept. who pointed out that these anchors have been removed
from their catalog! He said that they still sell them because of demand
but no longer recommend their use (do I detect liability problems/concerns?).
With persistance, I was able to get a pull-out rating of 4000 lbs from them
which is a close match for 3/16" 7-strand cable. They reiterated that this
is the rated tensile strength of the rod member which can be taken to be
equivalent to pull-out rating ONLY if:

    1. Soil is normal or better with proper drainage.

    2. Anchor is screwed into the ground fully.

    3. Properly sized/strength attachment bolts are used.

On my first try, I was only able to get the anchors in about halfway before
hitting large rocks. I did succeed in breaking some cartilege in my chest
with a resounding "pop" though and nearly scared myself to death!

NOTE: use at least a 5' bar and several helpers to screw the darn things in. 

After healing up and rethinking whether I should pour concrete, one year later
I succeeded in screwing in the anchors as far as possible (less than 6" above
ground). With the Rohn equalizers and hefty galvanized bolts
(3/4 " cl 5 at the anchor), the installation looks pretty good. Antennas yet
to go up are stacked KT-34XAs, with a bearing on top of the mast holding up
one end of an 80m wire yagi.

One more note: Someone advised me to soak the area around each anchor with
a hose for a few days prior to screwing them in but Rohn Strongly advised
against this practice. 

I'm now satisfied with my installation but I'll let you know how it holds
up after next springs rains/wind!! I know several hams who DIDN'T screw
them in all the way who got mighty scared when they started to pull out...

73 de Bill, N6CQ/3  (n6cq at

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From: Morao Esteban <z801183a at> (Morao Esteban)
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 1994 13:19:01 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: When is time to retirment? (Humor)
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73 de Steve W4/YV5DTA
z801183a at

... you're talking on the phone with a ham buddy, and you end the
conversation and hang up the phone with a 'KD1HZ clear'.
-- Michael P. Deignan, KD1HZ
...At least you weren't saying grace over a meal with your family!
N4TMI clear, er, I mean, Amen...
-- Michael Covington, N4TMI
=20 end a face-to-face conversation with "dit dit".
-- Paul Flaherty, N9FZX
...You spend 2 hours trying to crack a pile up on 20 meters to work
a KJ2 station who is portable on Manhatten Island.
...Your wife points out that all of your children were born during
sunspot minimums.
-- Paul Valko, WB8ZJL
=20're having a Saturday breakfast and you say "call please" so
that you can interrupt a conversation to ask someone to pass the salt.
-- Dave Bushong, WZ1O
...You answer your phone, "QRZ?"
-- Mike Gauland, AA7JF
...And, after you find out who the calling party is, you say "your 59
in Virginia..."
-- Ben E. Cline, AC4XO
Don't laugh, I know someone who did that with his telephone answering
-- Kok Chen, AA6TY
...when you say things like "QSO" and "73" in casual, face-to-face
-- Mike White, N4PDY
...You go shopping, get to the check-out, write a check, and sign it KE3HO.
-- James E. Proctor, KE3HO
=20're talking on an EMS telemetry radio with a base hospital for
medication orders and such, and sign out with your callsign...
No, I didn't do this, but N5JXS swears he did, and that he got a callsign
-- Jay Maynard, EMT-P, K5ZC
...To get your ham buddies attention (who lives across the street), you
yell 'CQ! CQ! CQ!' from your driveway.
...your wife starts talking to you while your on the phone, and you tell
the person on the other end you're getting intermod.'ve named your brand new German Shepherd puppy 'Radio Flyer' to
combine two of your hobbies... (this is true, this is my dog's name...)
-- John C. Wren, KD4DTS
=20're talking to somebody face-to-face in a busy place and you say,
"Let's QSY my office," and they know exactly what you mean!
-- Doug Renze, N0YVW
...u find urself typing in cw shorthand to fellow wrkers on internal
email...(I hve found myself doing this too many times)...
...u tell people over the phone "I'm at my work QTH"...
-- Fred M. Davis, VA3FD
...When the kids get names related to radio.  I'm Robert F. Casey, that's
RF, or radio frequency, or go further, radio frequency choke.   :-)
(my father's a ham, also)
-- Robert Casey, WA2ISE
...You are in your car, and see somebody you know walking down the street.
Instead of going beep-beep and waving, you pound out CQ on your car horn
and wave.
-- Ed Bathgate, Awaiting license - Expects to be N3S** soon
...You're sitting outside somewhere, and you notice you've been hearing
"O  O  O  O  O  O," just a constant string of the letter "O," and
for quite some time.  Not consciously - it just popped into your
head - and you start to listen to the surroundings...and there's
a bird singing "OOOH OOOH OOOH," over and over and over...
--Scott Rosenfeld, NF3I
kd4dts (John C. Wren) writes:
>you've named your brand new German Shepherd puppy 'Radio Flyer' to combine
>two of your hobbies... (this is true, this is my dog's name...)
Oh, no.... I forgot about our cat, named "CQ", who would think it was
dinnertime whenever I operated 20m SSB.
Dave, KZ1O
Dave Bushong
who is portable on Manhatten Island.
...Your wife points out that all of your children were born during
sunspot minimu=C7&No, I didn't do this, but N5JXS swears he did, and that=
he got a callsign

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