Howard Hoyt

Tue Aug 16 18:36:01 EDT 1994

An open letter to Howard Hoyt (and others thinking of unsubscribing):

I don't know your call, but judging from your internet address, you are
getting access from a college.  Therefore, one would assume you are educated
enough not to send out a bunch of useless messages with 'cease', 'stop',
'/s', 'quit' and the like.  If you don't know how to unsubscribe, why not
send a personal message to Trey Garlough WN4KKN (TREY at TGV.COM) or anyone else
on the reflector to ask for help.  Or, if you don't have any friends on the
reflector, send ONE message to EVERYBODY (only if you must) and ask for help.
 Your 6 - 8 useless messages went to almost 600 people around the globe...
4,000+ totally wasteful messages!!!  Egads, boy, THINK!!

By the way, to unsubscribe send a message with UNSUBSCRIBE as the message,
and send it to CQ-CONTEST-REQUEST at TGV.COM  (not CQ-CONTEST at TGV.COM).

Scott KA9FOX   ka9fox at

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