SPECK at UANSV3.Vanderbilt.Edu SPECK at UANSV3.Vanderbilt.Edu
Sat Aug 20 13:28:14 EDT 1994

I am getting ready to put up my first 40 meter beam, a 3el Discoverer. Anyone 
have any lessons learned or useful info from experience or rumor on improving 
its performance (electrically or mechanically)? Better to ask now as I start 
construction vice when its on the tower!!! BTW I have moved. After 7 straight 
years of submarine duty (deploying always got in the way of contesting) I am 
ashore for at least a few years (maybe permanently).. Left Charleston, SC and 
now located near Nashville, TN. Since I'll be home more, I've decided to 
upgrade from the "no maintenance antenna system" (TH7/wires at 40'- my wife 
refuses to keep up the farm when I'm gone for 6 months at a time!) to something 
a little (not much) more elaborate.

Thanks in advance for the help. Please e-mail to me vice the reflector. I will 
summarize and provide to those interested..
		73, Mark K0EJ      speck at uansv3.vanderbilt.edu  

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