RF amp for receive

W7NI at delphi.com W7NI at delphi.com
Mon Aug 22 03:58:56 EDT 1994

The idea that an RF poepower amplifier works only on transmit is indeed in
correct.  Haven't you ever heard of turning on the amp to "clear the
frequency" so you can then hear better?  Believe me, it works.  Another 
arguement in favor or building an amp is the fact that it will generally
give you 10 dB on 5 Bands.  What antenna will do that?  (It "clears the 
frequency" on five bands, too.)  I know this is an unpopular concept with
the purists out there and I will get a few nats? nastygrams, but it just
happens to be true.  Sorry.

"If you can't work 'em, it doesn't matter if you can hear 'em."  W7NI

W7NI at delphi.com

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