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Mon Aug 22 11:08:50 EDT 1994

If you participated in last weekend's Phone North American QSO Party (NAQP),
please send me your results (QSO, Mult, Score, Team Name) to ka9fox at aol.com.

Note:  if you reported your score on 3830 after the contest or if you posted
your score to the reflector already, please still let me know your team name
so I can try to compile team results again as well.

73 Scott KA9FOX
ka9fox at aol.com

Member:  Sultans of Shwing  (heh-heh, he said 'member'!)

>From Jay Kesterson K0GU x6826 <jayk at bits.fc.hp.com>  Mon Aug 22 15:24:37 1994
From: Jay Kesterson K0GU x6826 <jayk at bits.fc.hp.com> (Jay Kesterson K0GU x6826)
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 94 8:24:37 MDT
Subject: K0GU NAQP score
Message-ID: <9408221424.AA25889 at bits.fc.hp.com>

Call used: K0GU                                           Location: CO
Category: Single Operator            Mode: SSB             Power: 150W

Hours of Operation: 04:00

band      QSOs   mults
160          0      0
 80          0      0
 40         34     19
 20        301     50
 15         47     19
 10         19     12
TOTAL      401    100      SCORE: 40,100

Club or Team Name: N.E.R.D.S.                  

Had a bad cold, hope I didn't sound too bad.

10 was open great for the three hours preceding the contest.

A glimpse of the future, stuck on 20m all day (yuck). Oh well, as our contest
reflector owner would put it: There's no meters like 20 meters.....

73, Jay K0GU

>From n2ic at longs.att.com (Steven M London +1 303 538 4763)  Mon Aug 22 03:23:00 1994
From: n2ic at longs.att.com (Steven M London +1 303 538 4763) (Steven M London +1 303 538 4763)
Date: 22 Aug 94 08:23:00 +0600
Subject: Open Wire for Low Loss ?
Message-ID: <9408221424.AA12111 at drmail.dr.att.com>

Has anyone tried using open wire line as as substitute for hard line or
heliax for long feedline runs ?  On the surface, open wire looks awfully
good for loss, even compared to 7/8" heliax.

It seems feasible to run coax from the shack to outdoors, a 1:9 balun to
450 ohm line, a long run of 450 ohm line to the tower, a 9:1 balun back to
coax, and coax up the tower.  A low-loss balun should be achievable - we are
not talking about high SWR on the open wire line.  

What are the loss characteristics of the so-called "ladder line" that is
now being sold as psuedo-open-wire line ?  How does it compare to true
open wire line ?

I have the potential for running about 300 feet of "open wire" supported
on insulated posts, in the clear (i.e. no trees or other conductive or
dielectric objects).  By the time I get to the top of the tower, we're talking
about a 420 foot run. 

Steve London, N2IC
n2ic at longs.att.com

>From Kurszewski Chad" <kurszewski_chad at macmail1.csg.mot.com  Mon Aug 22 11:40:51 1994
From: Kurszewski Chad" <kurszewski_chad at macmail1.csg.mot.com (Kurszewski Chad)
Date: 22 Aug 1994 10:40:51 U
Subject: NAQP Power Levels (Changed)
Message-ID: <199408221540.AA06392 at pobox.mot.com>

Well, I wonder how many people broke the rules this year?

Good thing I read the 1994 NAQP rules in NCJ before the start of the contest. 
The power level now reads:
100 WATTS!!  (No longer 150)

So, no advantage could be gained by owners/users of FT-1000's or IC-765's.

Ok, fess up....who used 150 (or more) ?
This rule should re-interest those opposed to the 150W rule.

Chad WE9V
Kurszewski_Chad at macmail1.csg.mot.com

>From Bill Standerfer <bills at hpislwes.lvld.hp.com>  Mon Aug 22 17:43:25 1994
From: Bill Standerfer <bills at hpislwes.lvld.hp.com> (Bill Standerfer)
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 94 10:43:25 MDT
Subject: NAQP SSB - KF0DJ
Message-ID: <9408221643.AA24003 at hpislwes.lvld.hp.com>

Here are the results from the first time NAQP effort at KF0DJ.

Band	Q's	M's
160	1	1
80	27	17
40	165	42
20	197	42
15	6	5
10	0	0
Total	396	107 ===> 42,372

This was the first contest to really use the new FT-1000D and it worked better
than the operator did.  The 2el 40M and 4el 20M beams worked well, and the
inverted vee on 80 did OK.  S9+20 static on 160 made WB5VZL the only signal I
heard on that band.  The dummy lo...  ah, vertical once again proved its
worthlessness on 10 and 15.  Gotta get something up that works for those bands
to take advantage of the miniscule openings when they come.


Larry, Larry, everywhere.

Kudos to the guy running 4.5 watts on 40.  As strong as anyone.

And where were WY, NE, and ME anyway?


Bill Standerfer                        *        Hewlett-Packard Company
CFI-A, IA, ME                          *        VXI Systems Division
bills at lvld.hp.com                      *        Loveland, CO  80539 
Baron N222AB - KF0DJ - Pikes Peak 253  *        303-679-2378

>From DFREY" <HARRIS.DFREY at IC1D.HARRIS.COM  Mon Aug 22 19:31:13 1994
Date: 22 Aug 1994 13:31:13 EST
Subject: Open Wire for Low Loss ?
Message-ID: <QCY2.DFREY.5508.1994 0822 13 31 13 31>


Almost every shortwave broadcaster in the world uses open wire
feed for runs to the antennas.  I just returned from a trip to
the VOA sites in SV, CN, A2 and S9.  Miles of 4 wire 300 ohm line
going to huge curtain arrays pointed everywhere... fed with at
least 250kW.

When I lived in East Tennessee, a friend used ladder line to his
antennas. He lived in a real hole but owned the hill behind about
800 feet away. He supported it on trees and pressure treated 12'
2x4s using cheap ceramic electric fence standoffs. Don't run it
flat - twist it a few times between supports to maintain balance
and prevent flapping in the wind.  Only maintenance problem was
occasional falling branches from ice/snow storms.  The kind of
"snow" you get in TN is not available in CO.  Rotator cable was a
major expense.

Low loss 9:1 baluns are a snap:  5 to 10 trifilar turns of #18ga
Teflon wire on a 3" ferrite core in a suitable enclosure. As you
said, its a low swr environment.  Build two at a time and test
them back to back into a 50 ohm D/L.

How does ladderline compare to true open wire line?  Very well.  It is
within .1dB/100' of true 450ohm open wire at 30 MHz.  And it certainly is
cheaper and easier than building your own.  It is also easy to set up an
experiment on the ladder line - to test out the system before you commit
to it....

Regardless of where you get your hard-line, by the time you put
connectors on the ends, your investment is too high - unless you
already have cubic dollars and no children.


Dick, K4XU

Richard Frey, P.E.
Principal Engineer
Harris Corp.  Broadcast Equipment Division
Quincy, IL

dfrey at harris.com

>From barry at w2up.wells.com (Barry Kutner)  Mon Aug 22 20:34:40 1994
From: barry at w2up.wells.com (Barry Kutner) (Barry Kutner)
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 94 19:34:40 GMT
Subject: CQWW Phone score lost?
Message-ID: <gs3gRc1w165w at w2up.wells.com>

Just received my Sept CQ and can't find my call in the results. I 
operated Single Op Assisted and score was 1.06 meg. Am I missing 
Before any nasty comments from me, any comments from EST or AR (or 


Barry N. Kutner, W2UP       Usenet/Internet: barry at w2up.wells.com
Newtown, PA                 Packet Radio: W2UP @ WB3JOE.#EPA.PA.USA.NA
                            Packet Cluster: W2UP >K2TW (FRC)

>From David O. Hachadorian" <0006471356 at mcimail.com  Mon Aug 22 21:35:00 1994
From: David O. Hachadorian" <0006471356 at mcimail.com (David O. Hachadorian)
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 94 15:35 EST
Subject: Open Wire for Low Loss ?
Message-ID: <30940822203503/0006471356PK2EM at mcimail.com>

I would be concerned about degrading the nulls of directional antennas in
the receive mode by using open wire line. I don't think the achievable real
world cancellation/shielding is nearly as good as coax.

Dave, K6LL
k6ll at mcimail.com

>From fish at crl.com (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.)  Mon Aug 22 22:24:02 1994
From: fish at crl.com (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.) (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.)
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 1994 14:24:02 -0700
Subject: Radials Review Available
Message-ID: <199408222124.AA07632 at mail.crl.com>

I got alot of responses to my question regarding radials and shunt fed
towers.  I have compiled the responses and will email it to anyone that is
interested.  It's very interesting reading for those interested in this
subject.  Just send me an email with something saying "ya I want it" and it
will be yours.

Sure liked K4XU's response to N2IC's question on open wire feeders.  Now
that is why I stay subscribed to this forum!  Well, that and I found a mail
program that will automatically trash mail from anyone I add to the list!
The list is growing!


Bill Fisher, KM9P
Concentric Systems, Inc.  (CSI)
404-442-5821  Fax 404-667-1975

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