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I posted this message a few days ago but there were some 
technical difficulties which have now been straightened out,
so here goes again:

Tack (je1cka at nal.go.jp) has graciously offered to redistribute 
CQ-Contest messages in digest form.  This means that all 
messages posted to CQ-Contest on a given day will be bundled 
together and resent as a single message to the subscribers of
Tack's list.  This is useful for people with Internet providers 
that place a limit on the number of messages you can have in 
your mailbox at once.  This is the case for many of the JA 

To subscribe to JE1CKA's CQ-Contest-Digest list, send a message to
Contest-Request at DUMPTY.NAL.GO.JP that says:

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If you are subscribed to CQ-Contest, remember to send the a message to
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        SET NOMAIL

Since you will be getting the messages in digest form, you won't need to
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subscribed if you still want to post messages.

--Trey, WN4KKN/VK1

>From mike.fulcher at aznetig.stat.com (Mike Fulcher)  Tue Aug 23 05:08:01 1994
From: mike.fulcher at aznetig.stat.com (Mike Fulcher) (Mike Fulcher)
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 1994 04:08:01 GMT
Subject: Ghana cw contest oper.
Message-ID: <940822210835130 at aznetig.stat.com>

Members of the Central Arizona DX Association and friends from the
UK...an all FOC group...are planning a multi-multi or multi-single
opertion from Ghana in the 1994 CQWW CW Contest.

Dates:        Active from November 20 to November 30 inc. the test

Operators:    KC7V      Mike Fulcher        9G5MF
              N7BG      Tony Rogozinski     9G5TR
              K7GE      Jim Larsen          9G5JR
              G3SWX     Roger Western       9G5RW
              G4FAM     Chris Henderson     9G5CH
              GM3YTS    Rob Ferguson        9G5RF


The group will operate from the NOVOTEL, Accra, Ghana, West Africa.
This is the first major cw contest operation in many, many years.
Members of the Ghana Amateur Radio Society will observe our operations
and we hope to help them too with some equipment.

We will be active on all bands including WARC bands outside the contest.
 Operation will be CW with some RTTY.

QSL 9G5NN  via Roger Western - G3SXW.  All others via their home calls.

For more information on the contest expedition contact Mike Fulcher KC7V
at (602) 585-4800 or 1-800-922-7887.

>From bhorn at netcom.com (Bruce Horn)  Tue Aug 23 06:44:11 1994
From: bhorn at netcom.com (Bruce Horn) (Bruce Horn)
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 1994 22:44:11 -0700
Subject: CQWW Regional Results
Message-ID: <199408230544.WAA29727 at netcom7.netcom.com>

Based on the CQWW SSB results published in September 1994 CQ, here
are the regional top 5 scores for each of the 5 regions (previously
defined by the ARRL):

Northeast Region
  Single Op High Power
    K1AR         6,596,688
    K5ZD/1       5,370,975
    N6BV/1       4,785,781
    K3ZO         3,857,259
    W3BGN        3,481,832

  Single Op Low Power
    K2SG         1,576,995
    VF1L         1,322,750
    WS1A           966,420
    WA2UUK         822,126
    AI6E/1         792,090

  Single Op Assisted
    K1ZM/2       4,436,796
    K2WK         3,668,210
    AA2DU/1      3,411,507
    N3AD         3,110,508
    KC1F         2,909,280

    KC1XX        7,630,228
    N3RS         5,846,340
    K1DG         5,724,795
    K1NG         5,263,608
    K1RX         5,053,572

    N2RM        16,016,190
    W3LPL       14,740,472
    K2TR        11,868,171
    K3LR        10,383,840
    KY1H         6,017,040

Southeast Region:
  Single Op High Power
    KP2A        13,202,298
    KE9A/4       2,386,892
    N6AR/4       2,215,230
    WZ4F         1,485,036
    AA4S           982,527

  Single Op Low Power
    N8II         1,628,718
    AA4EL          749,580
    K4UTE          366,600
    K5KLA          353,616
    N5QDE          313,950

  Single Op Assisted
    WB2NQT/4     1,574,753
    K3SW/4       1,265,880
    AB4RU          753,420
    W4NL           705,952
    N4BNO          659,548

    NP4Z         6,505,520
    NP2V         4,098,276
    K4ISV        3,726,976
    AA4G         2,556,036
    K8SCH/4        910,089

    W4MYA        6,149,800
    NQ4I         5,146,602

Central Region:
  Single Op High Power
    VE3WSM       1,762,870
    K8MR         1,078,200
    WI9C           987,195
    WA8SAE         941,334
    NE9U           741,000

  Single Op Low Power
    K9BQL          344,040
    VE3ITA         320,059
    KF8HM          300,612
    K9LJN          297,180
    NG9L           273,768

  Single Op Assisted
    CH3EJ        8,167,096
    KN8Z         1,815,528
    N8ATR        1,145,426
    KB8S         1,130,490
    WB8K         1,041,852

    KS9K         4,935,684
    W9KDX        3,331,824
    K8LX         3,042,256
    W8FN         2,482,458
    K9UWA        1,954,587

    W0AIH/9      3,568,878
    NE9O         3,296,664
    KG8CW        2,201,100

Midwest Region:
  Single Op High Power
    K4VX/0       2,092,662
    AA5BL        1,915,992
    K0KX         1,228,350
    K5DX           852,376
    NZ6E/5         555,450

  Single Op Low Power
    W2CRS/0        686,400
    K0RNZ          591,610
    AC0W           571,095
    W5VGX          369,861
    W3GRW/0        317,440

  Single Op Assisted
    K5MR         1,434,150
    KN6M/5       1,286,904
    KI3L/5       1,055,599
    W0WP           716,184
    W0MJN          683,442

    W5KFT        2,932,248
    AB5K/0       2,565,828
    WX0B/5       2,317,932
    NC0P         2,000,700
    WA0PUJ       1,841,280

    NX0I         2,117,605

West Coast Region:
  Single Op High Power
    WR6R/KH6     5,057,280
    N7AVK        2,749,236
    N7TT         2,085,946
    NN7L         2,076,940
    VE7IN        1,383,880

  Single Op Low Power
    K6GSS/KH6    1,027,978
    KH6GMP         624,954
    NX7K           564,840
    N3KEG/KH6      564,308
    WA7BNM/6       557,190

  Single Op Assisted
    KI3V/7       1,544,637
    AA6MC        1,132,200
    KC6X           724,224
    KM6YX          675,024
    K6XT           659,499

    N6VI/KH6     8,796,106
    K0PP/7       1,991,142
    WA7EGA       1,925,136
    WA6IET       1,649,235
    W6REC        1,556,100

    KL7Y         7,062,600
    W7RM         6,708,236
    VE7ZZZ       5,699,840
    N6AW         3,846,085

73 de Bruce, WA7BNM    (bhorn at netcom.com)

>From p_casier at ub4b.eunet.be (Peter Casier)  Tue Aug 23 10:36:07 1994
From: p_casier at ub4b.eunet.be (Peter Casier) (Peter Casier)
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 1994 11:36:07 +0200
Subject: CT v9 or V8?
Message-ID: <199408230936.AA12929 at ub4b.eunet.be>


Preparing for OT4T, the multi single in cqww phone and cw, running from
ON4UN's QTH, we are hesitating between using CT V8 and V9.
How reliable/stable do people estimate V9 to be?

Peter - ON6TT.

p_casier at ub4b.eunet.be

>From Robert Penneys <penneys at brahms.udel.edu>  Tue Aug 23 12:51:01 1994
From: Robert Penneys <penneys at brahms.udel.edu> (Robert Penneys)
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 1994 07:51:01 -0400
Subject: NERDS final results
Message-ID: <199408231151.HAA27012 at brahms.udel.edu>

NAQP phone for N.E.R.D.S.

WN3K     754  165  124,410
VE4VV    832  139  115,648
WA4PGM   532  155   82,460
NY3C     402  117   47,034

K0GU    401  100   40,100

File server sending messages... sorry for mess

Looking for members for N.E.R.D.S.  Sprint teams....
we've had K5ZD, K7SV, KI4HN, WA4PGM, KE3Q, KA4RRU, NY3C and more....

join us for Sprint!! Tnx Bob

Bob Penneys, WN3K     Frankford Radio Club      N.E.R.D.S.
Internet:  penneys at brahms.udel.edu       Work: Ham Radio Outlet, Delaware
U.S. Mail:  12 East Mill Station Drive    Newark, DE 19711    U.S.A.

>From alan at dsd.es.com (Alan Brubaker)  Tue Aug 23 14:40:27 1994
From: alan at dsd.es.com (Alan Brubaker) (Alan Brubaker)
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 94 07:40:27 -0600
Subject: NAQP Observations
Message-ID: <9408231339.AA20770 at dsd.ES.COM>

Hi Chad...

After your comment yesterday about the 100 watt power limit, I made it
a point to check QST last night to make sure, because my recollection
was that it was 150 watts. Well, sure enough, in the July QST contest
column, the announcement for the NAQP stated 150 watts maximum output
power. What was your source for the 100 watt figure, I wonder? This
would not be the first time that slightly differing announcements 
appeared in different publications. As always, we leave it to the
contest committee to sort this one out.

Alan, K6XO

alan at dsd.es.com

Just some more roadkill on the Information SuperHighway...

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