rthorne at VNET.IBM.COM rthorne at VNET.IBM.COM
Fri Aug 26 09:25:43 EDT 1994

Thanks for confirming my thoughts on using the 25g base for 45g.  Most ideas
were some version of using a 25G beacon plate and attaching it to the 25G
followed with drilling a whole in the middle for the pin. Or taking a 45G
concrete base plate and drilling holes in it so it will fit over the 25G
base.  All the ideas were great, so when I go to 45g I don't need to dig a
new whole.

As far as surge surpressors I installed a GE type, don't have the part number.
It was a 5 minute job.  The surpressor mounted in one of the wholes on the
pain panel.  I had the electric company come out to disconnect the meter to
remove the power.  The did that for free.  Took my hex wrench installed the
3 wires from the surpressor and it was done.

Now will it work? or will I know that it worked?  I'll never know, unless I
loose some electronic equipment via the ac lines.  Then I'll know it didn't
work.  By the way the unit cost me $45.  My dad and I ordered a couple of them
to install at both of our houses.  Shipping was extra.


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