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Sun Aug 28 13:45:48 EDT 1994

Since I posted the 1994 California QSO Party announcement last week,
several people have sent me email asking about the "Worked All 
California Counties" Award I mentioned.  My apologies to all for
the incomplete explanation.  The WACC program is sponsored by the 
Northern California Contest Club; winners receive a nicely frame-
able piece of wallpaper to show they have managed to find all 58
California counties.  Since some of these counties can barely 
manage to operate a post office, getting all 58 would normally be
a fairly difficult feat.  But we do get all 58 on the air for CQP,
so for one weekend a year it's attainable.  Last year 17 top ops
(outside of CA) managed to get them all.  Here are the rules:
W.A.C.C. Rules: 
1.  Contacts may be made on any amateur radio band or mode.  (No 
    repeater or digipeater contacts allowed.) 
2.  QSL cards for contacts made on or after October 1, 1987 may be 
    submitted for the W.A.C.C. award. 
3.  A QSL card must be presented for each of the 58 counties. 
4.  Each QSL card must have the county claimed, printed or written, on 
    the card by the person issuing the card. 
5.  All your contacts must be made from the same county. 
6.  Portable and Mobile units may be worked. 
7.  You do not have to be a member of the NCCC. 
8.  Your QSL cards will be returned with the W.A.C.C. Award. 
9.  Send your application and 58 cards and $3 or 10 IRC's (to cover 
    expenses) to: 
          NCCC W.A.C.C. Award 
          c/o K. O. Anderson, K6PU 
          P.O. Box 853 
          Pine Grove, CA 95665
For anybody who might have missed the original announcement, here's a 
repeat.  We did manage to get this run in the September QST (even though 
this "family" journal managed to edit out all references to our decadent
practice of giving wine to the winners).  Note also the T-shirt award;
that didn't make it either.  And nothing made it into CQ, despite our
best efforts.
                    1994 California (CA) QSO Party (CQP)
              Sponsored by the Northern California Contest Club
Begins:  1600 UTC - 1 October 1994  Ends:  2200 UTC - 2 October 1994
OBJECT:  Stations outside of California work as many California 
         stations in as many CA counties as possible.  Stations 
         in California work anyone.
EXCHANGE:  California stations send QSO number and county.  Stations 
         outside of California send QSO number and State, Province, 
         or Country.
QSO POINTS:  Each complete non-duplicate Phone contact is worth 2 
         points.  Each complete non-duplicate CW contact is worth 3 
         points.   No partial contact credit.  Duplicate contacts 
         must be clearly identified in log.
MULTIPLIERS:  California stations count states (50) and Canadian 
         Provinces (VO/VE1-7 and YV1/VE8) for a possible total of 
         58.  All others use California counties for a maximum of 
         58.  CA stations on a county line may be claimed as a 
         multiplier for any or all of the counties they give in 
         their exchange.  Number each multiplier as worked.
SCORE:   The total score is the total number of QSO points multi-
         plied by the total number of multipliers  (58 Maximum).
FREQUENCIES:  160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6, and 2 Meters.  WARC band 
         contacts do not count.  Suggest CW on 1805 and 40 kHz up 
         from band edge.  Phone on 1850, 3850, 7230, 14250, 21300, 
         and 28450 KHz.  Novices 10 kHz up from band edge and 
         28450.  Try CW on the half hour.  Try 160 meters at 0500
         UTC;   80/75 meters at 0300 and 0700 UTC.  Try 147.54 MHz 
         at 2000, 0000, and 0400 UTC.
CLASS ENTRY:  Single Operator, Multi-Single, Multi-Multi, 
         California County Expedition, Mobile, and Novice/Tech.  
         Single Operator entries limited to 24 hours maximum; off 
         times must be clearly marked in the log and be a minimum 
         of 15 minutes.  Multi-Operator entries may operate the 
         full 30 hours.  Stations may be worked once on CW and once 
         on Phone per band.  Single Operator and Multi-Single 
         entries are allowed only one transmitting signal.  All CW 
         contacts must be made in the CW sub-band except for 160 
         Meters.  MCW is not permitted.  All contacts must be 
         simplex.  California stations that change counties are 
         considered to be a new station and may be contacted again 
         for point and multiplier credit.  California stations 
         operating on a county line may be counted only as one QSO.
ENTRIES:  All logs and signed summary sheets must be submitted to:  
         NCCC, c/o Ken Anderson, K6PU, Box 853, Pine Grove, CA 95665.
         Entries may be submitted in CT Version 8 or 9 format with 
         .SUM and .ALL files on 5 1/4 or 3 1/2 diskettes (no 2.88M 
         diskettes) with a signed hard copy summary sheet.  Label 
         each diskette with call entry category and state/county/
         province/country.  All entries must be postmarked no later
         than 15 November 1994.  Please include $1.00 for results 
         if desired.
         Entries with 100 or more QSO's qualify for the special 
         CQP T-shirt; please include your size (L/XL) and $8 if 
         you qualify and would like this special award.  Entries 
         of 200 or more QSOs must include duplicate check lists. 
         For a CQP paperwork package containing log and summary
         sheets, county abbreviations, and contest records send 
         a business size SASE to the above address. 
AWARDS: Certificates - To top Single Op entry in each CA county, 
        state, province, country, and stations with 100 or more QSOs. 
        Trophies - To top three non CA Single Op entries, top three 
        CA Single Op, top CA Multi Single, top CA Multi Multi, top 
        Single and Multi Op CA County expeditions, the Mobile 
        (multi-county) Single Op and Multi Op with the most QSOs. 
        Special CQP Wine Award - The top 20 CA and top 20 non-CA 
        Single Op operators will receive a personalized bottle of 
        NCCC Private Reserve California Wine.  Winners under the 
        age of 21 will receive a non-alcoholic personalized award. 
        Special Awards - To the CA and non-CA Single Ops with the 
        most QSOs, the most CW QSOs, the most Phone QSOs, to the 
        top CA and non-CA Single Op low power entries (200 watts 
        or less output), to the top CA and non-CA Single Op Novice/
        Technician entries, to the top scorer outside of the USA 
        and Canada, and to the top club in California (5 entries
        minimum - NCCC and SCCC are ineligible).
Bruce Sawyer, AA6KX

>From Peter G. Smith" <n4zr at  Sun Aug 28 22:00:23 1994
From: Peter G. Smith" <n4zr at (Peter G. Smith)
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 1994 14:00:23 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: DVP
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I understand it's fairly space-limited for storing messages though... (?)

73, Pete                                       
N4ZR at

On 28 Aug 1994, Doug Smith wrote:

> The W9XT Contest Card, while not as comprehensive as the DVP, works very
> well and is much less expensive.  Plus, it does CW too.
> 73 Doug
> W9WI - 72777.3143 at

>From barry at (Barry Kutner)  Sun Aug 28 23:52:00 1994
From: barry at (Barry Kutner) (Barry Kutner)
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 94 22:52:00 GMT
Subject: TH7 Problem
Message-ID: <DXFsRc1w165w at>

Recently noticed that the resonance point on 10 meters moved way up the 
band. SWR at 28.0 about 3.5:1, down to about 2:1 from 28.5 - 29.0,
and 1.5:1 at 29.2, then goes back up.
No problems on 15 or 20. Any thoughts appreciated. Tnx de Barry


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>From k2mm at MasPar.COM (John Zapisek)  Mon Aug 29 00:36:05 1994
From: k2mm at MasPar.COM (John Zapisek) (John Zapisek)
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 94 16:36:05 PDT
Subject: CQP Two-County Expedition!
Message-ID: <9408282336.AA09220 at greylock.local>

NCCC's Fearless Leader Bruce/AA6KX announced his California QSO Party plans
at the W1FEA picnic yesterday.  He said he'd be going to the Mendocino-Glenn
county line for another CQP two-county expedition.

How's that again, Bruce?

> From: "Bruce Sawyer" <sawyer at>
> To: cq-contest at
> Subject: CQP from Colusa/Lake Counties
> Date: Mon, 4 Oct 93 15:02:25 PDT
> Here's a quick summary AA6KX results in CQP...
> I was sitting right on the county line between Lake and Colusa county, so
> the whole contest I was passing out both counties.  Never again!  People
> complained that they didn't know how to enter two counties with CT,
> questioned how it was possible for me to be in two counties at once, etc.
> I had to do a lot of explaining, and that slowed things down a lot.  If I
> ever go on a county expedition again, it will be for one county only.

Well, presidential waffling seems to be the order of the day, so I guess
changing your mind is no big deal.  But let's not have so much whining about
it this time, OK? ;-)  Good luck!  --John/K2MM

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