Beverage Ant Good for Tx?

Leonard J Popyack, Jr. popyackl at
Wed Aug 31 10:17:38 EDT 1994

Got a ? Is a Beverage antenna good for transmitting?  I know they are FB
for Rx.  Thanks. 

Len Popyack WF2V
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Date: 31 Aug 94 08:47:38 U
Subject: 80 Meter Contest Antenna

> reflector (wires
>3 & 4) from stainless steel cable.

This is likely to be a problem, due to the high resistance of steel.  
Calculate the RF (NOT DC!) resistance of the steel wire, insert a bunch
of equivalent loads in the ELNEC model, and I'll bet you will see a large

Scott  K9MA
sellington at

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Subject: Need some NAQP logs resubmitted
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My e-mail system at work was recently upgraded.  Some NAQP log
submissions which I had saved under the old e-mail syatem did not
convert well into the new system.  Because of this I would ask that
the following people please resubmit their NAQP logs to me.  Sorry
for any inconvenience.

I need logs from the following for NAQP CW:


I need logs from the following for NAQP SSB:


Thanks, John KZ2S

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Subject: Re: Beverage Ant Good for Tx?

 >Got a ? Is a Beverage antenna good for transmitting?  I know they are FB
 >for Rx.  Thanks. 
 >Len Popyack WF2V

In the winter time, it is good for the worms if you transmit on your
beverage.  The typical several hundred foot beverage has a gain of -6 or so
dBi.  The rest goes mostly to heat.  If the terminations are to ground, the
worms are warmed.  If the terminations are to loads and resonant stubbs,
the loads get warmed.

73,  Eric  N7CL

>From Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton at engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM  Wed Aug 31 19:20:00 1994
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Date: Wed, 31 Aug 94 11:20:00 PDT
Subject: FW: K4VX guy wire article
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From: owner-cq-contest
Subject: K4VX guy wire article
Date: Tuesday, August 30, 1994 8:11AM

You probably all saw the article by Lew Gordon in QST that basically said
you don't need to break up guy wires.  This was according to some NEC
modeling that Lew had done.

>I saw the data, said "that looks nice", and wondered if Lew didn't have
his tongue in his cheek the whole time.

Well... Being one that doesn't believe everything a computer spits out, I
>me either; prime example:  NEC versus MININEC handling of low
antennas, grounds, etc.

have a question.  I would like to hear from ANYONE that has put up any kind
of antenna on a tower with NON-INSULATED guys and experienced problems, that
were eventually fixed by breaking up the guys.

>I have ALWAYS used non-ham-band resonant and insulated guys.  Matter of
fact, I don't even use the same lengths.  I have 3 examples to document
the validity of this:

>1.  In my own case, I have been able to hang various wire antennas off the
tower with no observable interaction and good performance.

>2.  Friend WB4QNP put up a 120 ft tower when he moved to Alabama, his
first guyed tower, and hung an 80m inverted vee from it.  The tower had
metal non-insulated guys.  I told him to break up the guys wires into
non-resonant insulated lengths.   He didn't.
He expected great things and was terribly disappointed.  It was rebuilt
with phyllistran and showed much improved results (although he says
he hates it that he can't "hear" in Alabama like he could in the magic dirt
of the Charlotte, NC, area)

>3.  Friend K4ZYU has a 50 ft tower and 1 set of 4 guys: 2 are used on
40 and 2 are used on 80.  Yes, he uses his guy wires for antennas.
We tried to put up an Alpha delta sloper for 160/80/40, and could
NEVER get it to tune properly on 80 and 40.  It vaguely works on
160.  I told him his only answer is to get rid of the damned resonant
guy wires and use his 50 ft tower with TH11 on top and install some
serious vertically polarized antennas for 160/80/40.


Bill Fisher, KM9P
Concentric Systems, Inc.  (CSI)
404-442-5821  Fax 404-667-1975

>73, Tom WB4iUX (Tom.Skelton at ClemsonSC.NCR.COM)

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