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Thu Dec 1 06:25:23 EST 1994

A quote from Robert Shapiro's recent VP2EZA score posting:

"Observations: We decided to have more fun and enter the M/M category 
instead of M/S, even though we would have been more competitive within 
the M/S category."

I can't help but congratulate the VP2EZA operators guys on this decision.
 During the past 10 years that N6AA and I have been part of an overseas
multi-multi group (3DA0Z, VK9LI, CE0Y etc.), we've often realized that our
station and operator capability would have enabled us to produce a very
serious multi-single entry.  However, we've always opted to go multi-multi
instead.  More fun, more total QSOs, more happy guys at the other end of the
pileup---and no worries about questionable ethics such as using one of the
operators callsigns of the "multi-single" station to "arrange" schedules for
the multi-single's multiplier station.

'way to go, EZA guys.  Your decision probably enabled me to work you on at
least one more band than I would have otherwise.  Thanks!

Phil - N6ZZ                         aka                          N6ZZ at AOL.COM

>From Jeff Bolda <0005782837 at mcimail.com>  Thu Dec  1 11:58:00 1994
From: Jeff Bolda <0005782837 at mcimail.com> (Jeff Bolda)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 94 06:58 EST
Subject: WW CW and SS SSB from NP4Z
Message-ID: <92941201115829/0005782837DC3EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

                    CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST -- 1994

      Call: NP4Z                     Country:  Puerto Rico
      Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Single

      160      153      320     2.09     12      26
       80      575     1259     2.19     18      69
       40     1652     3966     2.40     25      88
       20     1266     3146     2.48     35     104
       15     1452     3539     2.44     29     101
       10      648     1775     2.74     21      73
     Totals   5746    14005     2.44    140     461  =>  8,417,005

Operator List:   NP4Z & WC4E
Club: Florida CW contest Group

Stn1: OMNI VI, AL 811     10, 20, 80     400W
Stn2: IC 765 , Clipp-L    15, 40, 160    350W
Antennas: 4el 10M 70', 5el tri 65, 4el 20M 65', 2el Cush 40M 60'
          Inv V's and Slopers for 80 and 160.

Felipe has got a great little station in the beautiful hills of Bayamon.
This was a last second decision to do M/S, Thursday and Friday was spent
scrambling for an AMP (tnx KP4BZ a true friend!) , bandpass filters,
rotors, PC networking, all the other parts needed for 2 stations. 
KP4EJ installed a FB ground which kept the network and PC's running
with no major RF problems with antennas directly overhead.

All equipment worked great with no problems and condx seemed great!
Europe faded out on 15M for 45min Saturday around 1300z. 
Doing M/S with 2 ops from the Carib is not a cake run, each op still has
to stay up 48 hours. I think we each put in 46 hours. 
If anyone still cares about SS SSB here's my breakdown from SS SSB:
 160     0            
  80     3
  40    21
  20   843
  15   808
  10   278
 ---- 1953 x 76 296,856         low power
Missed VE8
SS SSB from Carib is a different contest then from the states. 
Even had a 40,30 and 13 hours at the beginning of the contest.
40/80 did not play at all and I'm glad 10 opened! Had a blast!

Special thanks to Felipe and his wife Maribel for putting me up
for week and a half and 2 great contests!

73 de WC4E
WC4E at mcimail.com
cu in 10M test from AC4NJ

>From Cain, Jim,  K1TN" <jcain at arrl.org  Thu Dec  1 13:47:00 1994
From: Cain, Jim,  K1TN" <jcain at arrl.org (Cain, Jim,  K1TN)
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 94 08:47:00 EST
Subject: VP2EZA kudos
Message-ID: <2EDDD3F5 at arrl.org>

I'd like to second N6ZZ's remarks about the decision of the
VP2EZA team to run a mini-multi-multi in order to maximize
both their fun and the number of QSOs they could hand out.

In 20 years of operating from both the US and the Caribbean,
I've broken into the Top Ten a half-dozen times or so, but have
never won a plaque. Why? Because, specifically, the stations
I had available on Montserrat and in the Bahamas simply weren't
Top Ten quality. Low tribanders, low dipoles, and low power do not beat
big stations, no matter how good the operator.

I could probably have won some plaques by choosing the
best single band for doing so and entering. But I always
get a kick out of providing a multiplier on six bands, among
other things.

In 1990, C6A/K1TN placed fifth single op CW in the ARRL
DX 'Test -- I used an R5 vertical at 15 ft and a trap dipole
with the center at 15 ft -- and 100 watts. If there had been
a Contest Reflector in those days, my soapbox comment
would have been the thrill of working 119 W/VE on 160
meters with this setup and congratulating those folks
on hearing what must have been a world-class weak signal.

Incidentally, I think this reflector is the best thing to happen
to contesting since the electronic keyer.  Jim Cain, K1TN

>From Tony Brock-Fisher <fisher at hp-and.an.hp.com>  Thu Dec  1 13:42:47 1994
From: Tony Brock-Fisher <fisher at hp-and.an.hp.com> (Tony Brock-Fisher)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 08:42:47 -0500
Subject: Front end damage in multi-op stations
Message-ID: <9412011342.AA01449 at hp-and.an.hp.com>

Don't turn on that attenuator!  Here's why: The attenuator is ahead
of any bandpass filtereing circuits. Therefore it is exposed to the
full brunt of incoming other band RF. (read: smoke). However, if you
take them out of line, the bandpass filters can handle the incoming
RF because they are all reactive components which present a highly
reactive, non resistive load - therefore NO POWER IS DISSIPATED!
-If you have this much power coming back at you, you need external
bandpass filtering, at least in the receive path. I use W3LPL-style
filters, auto-switched, on the RX path of my 735 and 765 w/ no
problems of smoke.

-Tony, K1KP, fisher at hp-and.an.hp.com

>From Scott J Bauer" <sjb at rfc.comm.harris.com  Thu Dec  1 14:29:06 1994
From: Scott J Bauer" <sjb at rfc.comm.harris.com (Scott J Bauer)
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 94 09:29:06 -0500
Subject: VE8 & SS
Message-ID: <199412011429.JAA24679 at usc02.rfc.comm.harris.com>

Concerning Dave VE8NC, and the VE8s calling the US stations that were calling
CQ is SS.  I just hope none of them called me at K2ZJ.  I had the 20 meter
yagi pointed north west, specifically for VE8 sunday and came up empty.

Not surprised though since I could not here VY1JA or the VE8.  I could only
hear the pile-ups calling them.  Actually I could just hear the one VE8 but
there was no way of breaking the pile-up and actually being able to tell he
was coming back to me, let alone coping the exchange.

So Dave if you or any of the other guys called me, sorry, I tried I really
did !  I'll look for you next year.

73 Scott WA2LCC (at K2ZJ in SSB SS).  sjb at rfc.comm.harris.com

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