KF9PL 160m Test

Sean E. Kutzko tigger at prairienet.org
Sun Dec 4 09:57:33 EST 1994


Not really an effort, but thought I'd get on and help you guys out.
100w to a 40m dipole at 20 feet made for a lot of fills!

63 QSO's, 23 sections.


1) Being copied in the first place!

2) Working AA6TT on 160. Sorry it wasn't as 6Y7M, Bill!

3) Having a nice chat with KO9Y at 6AM.

4) Working WEST of the Mississippi and getting Montana and Wyoming.

5) Finding a freq, calling CQ, and having 3 people come back to me at the
   same time.

6) Hearing my friend NM9H in a contest instead of being at his station, 
   twisting his arm to get in there and have some fun.

7) This looked like a REALLY fun time. It would be interesting to do this
   "for real" sometime. Gee...any openings for an op at a M/S station next

MANY thanks for pulling my signal out of the mud. Hope I helped you out.

Sean Kutzko KF9PL
Urbana, IL

"Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent
 and original in your work."                 -Gustave Flaubert

>From Mike Hance <75127.1603 at compuserve.com>  Sun Dec  4 16:35:19 1994
From: Mike Hance <75127.1603 at compuserve.com> (Mike Hance)
Date: 04 Dec 94 11:35:19 EST
Subject: KB5YVT Multi-Station 160M
Message-ID: <941204163518_75127.1603_FHI26-1 at CompuServe.COM>


Multi-Station/Single op  KB5YVT

What Fun!!  Since I have no chance at making contacts on 160 from my QTH
I asked several station owners if I could drop by and put in a couple of hours
and give out some contacts for those serious contesters.  The results were
interesting and it gave me a chance to look at and operate from some of the
better city-lot stations in Houston.  My goal was to make 70 Q's at each stop
and compare rate, mults, and score.   The following is the summary of my
travels, I hope you will enjoy the reading as much as I enjoyed the
"160 Tour de Houston".

1st Stop WA5DWX  Bill Denton 0400 utc

Bill has a great station layout for contesting, but is just a rag chewer at
His body warming tube rigs TS830's with a Heath amp do a great job.  The 
antenna was a half wave flat top at about 65 ft.  Bill sat back and eat peanuts
as I put out one of the few CW signals to ever be emitted from his shack!  Bill
could really benefit from some CW filters!!! 


700 wts
70 Q's x 35  Rate 31/hr  Score 4900

2nd Stop N5RP "The Voice of the Southwest!" Bob Perring 2300 utc

Well with Bob where do you start!  Great city-lot station!  His Kenwood station
is a pleasure to sit down to. Everything in its place, from the well stocked
beverage station to the 10KW amp! Woops I wasn't supposed to mention that!  Bob
has made the most of his 60 ft tower and our antenna for 160 was a quarter wave
inverted L.  It played very well!  Since Bob had been giving out a few Q's we
decided to use my call here so I could be fresh meat!


70 Q's x 34  Rate 58/hr  Score 4862

3rd Stop AD5Q  Roy "CW DX Hog" Hradilek 0200 utc

Can you believe it!  A CW contest and Roy isn't operating, whats the world
coming to?  Roy has been very instrumental to my contest development over the
last year.  From coaching to allowing me to use his station, he is a great
mentor!  Now all you seasoned contesters will know why AD5Q is sometimes sending
at 26 wpm and not picking you out on the first call!  Roy's Icom IC-735 will be
on the block soon as he has an FT-890 on order.  The Alpha 76 needs an overhaul
but still does a great job.  Antenna was a full wave delta loop apex at 100 ft.
Its smashed down a bit but plays very well, the addition of some beverages at
Roys will make him a real threat on 80 and 160!  It was prime time when I got on
the air at AD5Q and the results speak for themselfs!  When I finished my 70 Q's
Roy sat down, moved the keyer speed up, and put another 50 Q's in the log in
about 30 minutes. Congrats on Honor Role "Q"!!


300 wts
70 Q's x 38  Rate 85/hr  Score 5320

4th and Final Stop  WA5POK  Mike Furrey 0500 utc

Well Mike really went out of his way to give me some time at his place.  He
didn't have an antenna for 160 until we put the finishing touches on it at 0500!
He built a 3 pole mono pole apex at 25 ft. with a 50 ft flat top on it.  Used
chicken wire all over his back yard for the ground base. (Don't think Susan was
too happy about that!)  After tuning on it we had about 20kc to work with on OK
SWR!  Can't believe he let me put the first contest Q's on his new FT-1000!  The
crowd had thinned considerably and with 20 kc to work with it was hard to S&P.
It was late and Susan was going to bed so I called it quits at 50 Q's on this
one.  Thanks for all the effort POKy!!


150 wts
50 Q's x 28  Rate 36/hr  Score 2800

A million thanks to these guys for letting me come into their shacks and have
some fun.  Try it sometime, its a great way to see how different ops set their
station up.  I  know I got some ideas for down the road at my place!   Hope I
didn't butcher your calls too much!!  73 Mike

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