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WX9E at aol.com WX9E at aol.com
Sun Dec 4 23:17:32 EST 1994

>On another subject, Mark, AG9A, and I are heading to XE3 for the >10 meter
contest.  It's really a vacation that happens to coincide >with a contest,
 we're celebrating Mark's graduation.....  masters >degree in something too
technical for me understand.   Don't know >the call we'll use yet, but it
won't be anything facny.  Don't know >how much operating we'll do outside of
the contest, we're staying >at a condo in Acapulco that's right on the beach.

If Mark and I get off of the beach, we'll use the call  XE3K.


Paul  WX9E

>From Lee Hiers <0006701840 at mcimail.com>  Mon Dec  5 04:46:00 1994
From: Lee Hiers <0006701840 at mcimail.com> (Lee Hiers)
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 94 23:46 EST
Subject: 2 ARRL 160 Scores for Price of 1!
Message-ID: <31941205044613/0006701840PK2EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Hello All:

AB4RU  MultiOp in the ARRL 160:

1409 Qs X (38c + 75s) = 343,520 points

Ops:  AA4GA, AB4RU, K0DI, N9HZQ   (75% net-noids)

Stuff:  FT1000, TS440, Commander 2500, MLA 2500, GP w/ elevated radials, Inv-V
        7 beverages from 600 - 1200' or so

Excuses:  Lots of QRN, especially 2nd night.  Was it just us, or were there
          an extra-large number of TS940S on the band??  On the good side,
          no real problems with our frequency rental this year.

Congrats:  To K2WI and KN8Z for smokin' us once again

And because you called before midnight, a special telephoned-in score from a

AA5BL  SingleOp in the ARRL 160:

1265 Qs X (20c + 76s) = 257,568 points

An almost-sweep, missing only VE8 (and Jon said one called that he just could
not pull out of the noise)

73 de Lee AA4GA

>From Lee Hiers <0006701840 at mcimail.com>  Mon Dec  5 04:54:00 1994
From: Lee Hiers <0006701840 at mcimail.com> (Lee Hiers)
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 94 23:54 EST
Subject: ARRL 10m Contest - Maryland Local
Message-ID: <92941205045429/0006701840PK2EM at MCIMAIL.COM>


I'm probably going to be in the Easton, MD area next weekend and was wondering
if anyone in those parts might want some assistance in the 10 meter contest,
either multi-op or single-op, but I probably won't be able to devote a full
weekend to it.  

If interested, send me Email and include a telephone number.  If not interested,
but you know of someone not on the reflector who may be, let me know that as
well.  I leave for BWI in the morning, but should be able to check my mailbox
daily (depends on the phone system at the motel!!).  

Thanks for the help!

73 de Lee AA4GA
aa4ga at mcimail.com

>From zephd at iquest.net (David Zeph)  Mon Dec  5 06:01:00 1994
From: zephd at iquest.net (David Zeph) (David Zeph)
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 94 01:01 EST
Subject: 3-500Z Recommendations
Message-ID: <m0rEWUX-000E1UC at dorite.use.com>

I need to purchase several sets of 3-500Z to get L4 and a L4B linears ready 
to sell.  I've noticed that there are less expensive alternatives to the 
EIMAC 3-500Z's, 3-500Z's with "graphite plates", and versions from Amperex.

My initial reaction is to stick with the EIMAC tubes; however I thought it 
might be worthwhile to ask the net for positive and negative experiences 
with alternate manufacturers.  I'd then post the results of the survey back 
to the net.

So .... please share any experiences you have - good or bad - with the 
non-EIMAC suppliers of 3-500Z's.

Thanks .... Dave, W9ZRX    (zephd at iquest.net)

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