ERIKA (WB2K) SquINT Results

John A. Ross, IV wb2k at
Tue Dec 6 01:59:11 EST 1994

My first message bounced..Let's try this again

Erika's log...kinda/sorta

Call      Name      Age   Color

KR2J      Emily      7    Purple
WA6CTA    Lauren     5    Pink
KO9Y      Alyssa     5    Pink
NV6O      Kelsey     11   Orange
AB6FO     Bryce      7    Green
W5XD      Kayli      10   Purple
N6VI      Erik       3    Blue

I had to work this weekend and wasn't sure I was going to be able to make
it home, hence I kept the contest a secret in order to avoid potential
dissappointment. Fortunately I caught a break and made it...

Our first couple of QSO attempts quickly revealed a few things:
- A bit of practice would have helped. Telling her about the contest at
  1800z doesn't leave much time for warmup.
- 20m is just as tough a band for kids. Our first few tries had us doubling
  with other stations. I quickly added "OVER" to our cheat sheets.
- I ALWAYS wear headphones, but of course couldn't for this one. Gawd, is
  it hard to copy from a speaker!

We started with me holding her in my lap with one hand, mic in the other
hand, logging with my other-other hand, tuning with my other-other-other
hand. By the time we were done, I had been kicked out of the chair, the mic
had been forcefully ripped from my hands, and I was urging her not to talk
so fast! This from a girl who admits to being a bit shy.

Erika loved it...I mean LOVED it. After it was over she immediately wanted
to know if we could do this every day!

Score = Who cares... We both had a ball. My wife admitted to sneaking down
without either of us noticing and watching for a while. Her smile was worth

Let's do it again! 73, John & Erika

John A. Ross, IV  - WB2K / VE2TJA [Zone 2]  (wb2k at
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