TARA Sprint

JimKD0AV at aol.com JimKD0AV at aol.com
Tue Dec 6 19:13:00 EST 1994

Here is info that was in the ANARTS bulletin:

The TARA RTTY Sprint contest,  a four hour funfest on 80,  40,
20,  15  and 10M,  runs from 2100Z Saturday 10 Dec.  to  0100Z
Sunday  11 Dec.  Rules are the same as the ARRL RTTY  Roundup.
You  can use the same logging software.  For details  see  the
Digital Journal,  November 1994,  p. 31. (And look for K8UNP/4
operating from either ZB2 or EA7 in the test.) Logs go to Bill
Eddy, c/o TARA, 2204 22nd St., Troy, NY 12180 by 17 Jan. 1995.

cu there,

>From Joel Magid <76450.2313 at compuserve.com>  Wed Dec  7 00:24:02 1994
From: Joel Magid <76450.2313 at compuserve.com> (Joel Magid)
Date: 06 Dec 94 19:24:02 EST
Subject: KR0Y .... internet address ?
Message-ID: <941207002402_76450.2313_CHL80-1 at CompuServe.COM>

	Anyone have an internet address for KR0Y ?

	Joel WU1F

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