Low Band Daytime DX Propagation

JFSINGER at delphi.com JFSINGER at delphi.com
Sat Dec 10 00:51:03 EST 1994

I operated the WPX CW test single band 40 last May. I heard very weak JA
signals throughout my morning and until 1:30 PM local time when I had to
leave. My antenna is a simple ground mounted 4-square. I live in St Louis.
     I called several of the JA's but never got a response. Only heard one
other station ever call them...a W2, and he had no luck making contact
either. I was beaming short path. The JA's seemed only to be working other
     I've done a lot of 40-meter DXing and contesting but have never heard
this phenomenon before or since.
     Daytime lowband DX is a fascinating topic. Does it exist on 80? (160!).
I'm not talking about DX two hours before sunset, but about DXing at high
noon or such.
                               Jeff K0OD

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