Updated NAQP entries... Sorry

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Thu Feb 10 21:35:20 EST 1994

Sorry, but I just found more of you on my hard drive.  500MB is just too much
to keep track of....

CW Entries


SSB Entries


73 & again very sorry for the mistake.


>From MSgt Bob Smith/SCSMH <smithb at GF-WAN.af.mil>  Fri Feb 11 03:38:28 1994
From: MSgt Bob Smith/SCSMH <smithb at GF-WAN.af.mil> (MSgt Bob Smith/SCSMH)
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 94 21:38:28 CST
Subject: BHCC, Sprint and Contest QSLs
Message-ID: <9402110338.AA16622 at GF-WAN.af.mil>

Black Hole Contesting Conspiracy Sprint team roster as of
Thursday evening. 
Room for three more!!!

Contest QSLs.  Let's see we have PINS for sweepstakes, how about
a contest DXCC award for ARRL DX?!?  If you work 100 DXCC counters
and send a buck or two to cover costs for a certificate or pin?
This sounds neat to me!  A special DXCC category for achieving
it during a contest and no qsls.  What say ye?  Might even stimulate
more casual contestors to participate/compete?  Mugs for 5BDXCC?

73 de Bob ND1H smithb at gf-wan.af.mil

>From Jim Reisert AD1C  11-Feb-1994 0005 <reisert at wrksys.enet.dec.com>  Fri Feb 11 04:58:37 1994
From: Jim Reisert AD1C  11-Feb-1994 0005 <reisert at wrksys.enet.dec.com> (Jim Reisert AD1C 11-Feb-1994 0005)
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 94 23:58:37 EST
Subject: new ARRL.CTY
Message-ID: <9402110458.AA09085 at us1rmc.bb.dec.com>

Here is the most recent ARRL.CTY for the upcoming ARRL DX contest.
The revision information follows a few brief announcements:

1.  If you are a CT user, I *encourage* you to join the CT-USER
    mailing list.  Send a message to "ct-user-request at mlo.dec.com"
    for information.

2.  The entire collection of CTY files (as you would get by
    downloading CTY.EXE from the CT BBS) will be available shortly


    Since I can't post files there myself, I have to tell someone
    and wait for him to copy it there.  Look for files dated 10 Feb 1994.

    Since this version included two primary prefix changes (see below),
    you should get cty.zip if you need an updated CTYHDG.PRE file.

3.  The file name on the W6GO BBS now includes a version number.
    This version can be found by downloading CTY-402.ZIP ("4" refers
    to the last digit of the year [1994] and "02" means this is the
    second release this year.)  The file name on the CT BBS is, as
    always, CTY.EXE.

Here is the list of changes since the version released 27 January

09 Feb 1994:	* Changed primary prefix of Malyj Vysotskij I. from 4J1 to R1MV.
		* Changed primary prefix of Franz Josef Land from 4K2 to R1FJ.
		* Added R1AN as prefix for Antarctica, CE9.
		* Added zone overrides for 4K1AFM (CQ 38, ITU 67) in Antarctica.
		* Changed prefix TX from France to French Guiana, FY (I2UIY).
		* Changed IW0 Sardinia to IW0U, and IY0 to IY0GA (I2UIY).
		* Removed IK9 and IL9, and added II9, IJ9, IQ9 and IZ9
		  as prefixes for Sicily, IT9 (I2UIY).
		* Added KH6CP/1, KL7HIR/3, KL7TF/4 and NL7H/6 as alias prefixes
		  for United States, K (I2UIY).
		* Added 4U1VIC as alias prefix for Austria, OE (except CQWW).
		* Added SI8MI as prefix for Market Reef, OJ0 (I2UIY).
		* Added SV2ASP/A as prefix for Mt. Athos, SY.
		* Added UA8, etc. prefixes back in - compacts ARRL list a little.

As always, please direct any questions or comments my way!

73 - Jim AD1C

Sov Mil Order of Malta:   15:  1A:    1A;
Spratly Is.:              26:  1S:    1S,9M0S;
Monaco:                   14:  3A:    3A;
Agalega & St. Brandon:    39:  3B6:   3B6,3B7;
Mauritius:                39:  3B8:   3B8;
Rodriguez I.:             39:  3B9:   3B9;
Equatorial Guinea:        36:  3C:    3C;
Pagalu I.:                36:  3C0:   3C0;
Fiji:                     32:  3D2:   3D2;
Conway Reef:              32:  3D2/c: 3D2AM,3D2CR,3D2HL,3D2VT,3D2WV;
Rotuma:                   32:  3D2/r: 3D2AG,3D2AP,3D2DD,3D2RJ,3D2RW,3D2XR,3D2XV
&                                     3D2XX;
Swaziland:                38:  3DA:   3DA;
Tunisia:                  33:  3V:    3V,TS;
Vietnam:                  26:  3W:    3W,XV;
Republic of Guinea:       35:  3X:    3X;
Bouvet:                   38:  3Y:    3Y;
Peter I I.:               12:  3Y/p:  3Y0PI,3Y1EE;
Sri Lanka:                22:  4S:    4P,4Q,4R,4S;
ITU HQ Geneva:            14:  4U1I:  4U0ITU,4U1ITU,4U2ITU,4U3ITU,4U4ITU,4U5ITU
&                                     4U6ITU,4U7ITU,4U8ITU,4U9ITU;
United Nations HQ NY:     05:  4U1U:  4U0U,4U1U,4U43,4U44,4U45,4U46,4U47,4U48;
Yemen:                    21:  4W:    4W;
Israel:                   20:  4X:    4X,4Z;                                  AS
Libya:                    34:  5A:    5A;
Cyprus:                   20:  5B:    5B,C4,H2,P3;                            AS
Tanzania:                 37:  5H:    5H,5I;
Nigeria:                  35:  5N:    5N,5O;
Madagascar:               39:  5R:    5R,5S,6X;
Mauritania:               35:  5T:    5T;
Niger:                    35:  5U:    5U;
Togo:                     35:  5V:    5V;
Western Samoa:            32:  5W:    5W;
Uganda:                   37:  5X:    5X;
Kenya:                    37:  5Z:    5Y,5Z;
Senegal:                  35:  6W:    6V,6W;
Jamaica:                  08:  6Y:    6Y;
Lesotho:                  38:  7P:    7P;
Malawi:                   37:  7Q:    7Q;
Algeria:                  33:  7X:    7R,7T,7U,7V,7W,7X,7Y;
Barbados:                 08:  8P:    8P;
Maldive Is.:              22:  8Q:    8Q;
Guyana:                   09:  8R:    8R;
Croatia:                  15:  9A:    9A;
Ghana:                    35:  9G:    9G;
Malta:                    15:  9H:    9H;
Zambia:                   36:  9J:    9I,9J;
Kuwait:                   21:  9K:    9K;
Sierra Leone:             35:  9L:    9L;
West Malaysia:            28:  9M2:   9M2,9M4,9W2,9W4;                        AS
East Malaysia:            28:  9M6:   9M6,9M8,9W6,9W8;
Nepal:                    22:  9N:    9N;
Zaire:                    36:  9Q:    9O,9P,9Q,9R,9S,9T;
Burundi:                  36:  9U:    9U;
Singapore:                28:  9V:    9V,S6;                                  AS
Rwanda:                   36:  9X:    9X;
Trinidad & Tobago:        09:  9Y:    9Y,9Z;
Botswana:                 38:  A2:    8O,A2;
Tonga:                    32:  A3:    A3;
Oman:                     21:  A4:    A4;
Bhutan:                   22:  A5:    A5;
United Arab Emirates:     21:  A6:    A6;
Qatar:                    21:  A7:    A7;
Bahrain:                  21:  A9:    A9;
Pakistan:                 21:  AP:    6P,6Q,6R,6S,AP,AQ,AR,AS;
Taiwan:                   24:  BV:    BV;
China:                    24:  BY:    3H,3I,3J,3K,3L,3M,3N,3O,3P,3Q,3R,3S,3T,3U
&                                     B,XS;
Nauru:                    31:  C2:    C2;
Andorra:                  14:  C3:    C3;
The Gambia:               35:  C5:    C5;
Bahamas:                  08:  C6:    C6;
Mozambique:               37:  C9:    C8,C9;
Chile:                    12:  CE:    3G,CA,CB,CC,CD,CE,XQ,XR;
Easter I.:                12:  CE0A:  3G0,CE0,XQ0,XR0;
San Felix I.:             12:  CE0X:  CE0X,XQ0X,XR0X;
Juan Fernandez Is.:       12:  CE0Z:  CE0CEW,CE0I,CE0MTY,CE0OGZ,CE0Z,XQ0I,XQ0Z
&                                     XR0I,XR0Z;
Antarctica:               13:  CE9:   3G9A,3Y9WT,3Y9YBA,4K1,7S8AAA,7S8BBB,8J1RL
&                                     8J1RM,AT0A,AT3D,CE9AP,CE9OH,CE9SAC,CE9SDJ
&                                     DP0GVN,FB8Y,FT0Y,FT2Y,FT4Y,FT5Y,FT8Y
&                                     IA/I3JPA,IA0PS,KC4AAA,KC4AAB,KC4AAC
&                                     KC4AAD,KC4AAE,KC4USA,KC4USB,KC4USC,KC4USD
&                                     KC4USE,KC4USF,KC4USG,KC4USK,KC4USL,KC4USM
&                                     KC4USV,KC4USX,KC4USY,KK6KO/KC4,LU4ZS,OR4
&                                     R1AN,VK0CH,VK0DS,VK0JV,VK0KC,VK0LL,VK0MN
&                                     VK0MP,VK0NE,VP8CFM,VP8FAR,VP8HAL,VP8ROT
&                                     VP8SSW,W1GWN/KC4,W6REC/KC4,ZL0AIC,ZL5
&                                     ZS7ANT;
Cuba:                     08:  CM:    CL,CM,CO,T4;
Morocco:                  33:  CN:    5C,5D,5E,5F,5G,CN;
Bolivia:                  10:  CP:    CP;
Portugal:                 14:  CT:    CQ,CR,CS,CT,XX;
Madeira Is.:              33:  CT3:   CQ3,CQ9,CR3,CR9,CS3,CS9,CT3,CT9,XX3;
Azores:                   14:  CU:    CU;
Uruguay:                  13:  CX:    CV,CW,CX;
Sable I.:                 05:  CY0:   CY0;
St. Paul I.:              05:  CY9:   CY0SPI,CY9;
Angola:                   36:  D2:    D2,D3;
Cape Verde:               35:  D4:    D4;
Comoros:                  39:  D6:    D6;
Fed. Rep. of Germany:     14:  DL:    D,Y;
Philippines:              27:  DU:    4D,4E,4F,4G,4H,4I,DU,DV,DW,DX,DY,DZ;
Eritrea:                  37:  E3:    E3;
Spain:                    14:  EA:    AM,AN,AO,EA,EB,EC,ED,EE,EF,EG,EH;
Balearic Is.:             14:  EA6:   AM6,AN6,AO6,EA6,EB6,EC6,ED6,EE6,EF6,EG6
&                                     EH6;
Canary Is.:               33:  EA8:   AM8,AN8,AO8,EA8,EB8,EC8,ED8,EE8,EF8,EG8
&                                     EH8;
Ceuta and Melilla:        33:  EA9:   AM9,AN9,AO9,EA9,EB9,EC9,ED9,EE9,EF9,EG9
&                                     EH9;
Ireland:                  14:  EI:    EI,EJ;
Liberia:                  35:  EL:    5L,5M,6Z,A8,D5,EL;
Iran:                     21:  EP:    9B,9C,9D,EP,EQ;
Estonia:                  15:  ES:    ES;
Ethiopia:                 37:  ET:    9E,9F,ET;
France:                   14:  F:     F,HW,HX,HY,TH,TM,TP,TQ,TV,TW;
Guadeloupe:               08:  FG:    FG;
Mayotte:                  39:  FH:    FH;
French St. Martin:        08:  FJ:    FJ,FS;
New Caledonia:            32:  FK:    50USA,FK;
Martinique:               08:  FM:    FM,TO5M;
French Polynesia:         32:  FO:    FO,TO8K;
Clipperton I.:            07:  FO/c:  FO0CI;
St. Pierre & Miquelon:    05:  FP:    FP;
Reunion:                  39:  FR:    FR;
Glorioso:                 39:  FR/g:  FR/G,FR5AI,FR7GL;
Juan de Nova & Europa:    39:  FR/j:  FR/E,FR/J,FR4FA,FR5ZQ/J;
Tromelin:                 39:  FR/t:  FR/T,FR5ZU/T,FR7CG;
Crozet:                   39:  FT8W:  FB8WZ,FT0W,FT2W,FT4W,FT5W,FT8W;
Kerguelen:                39:  FT8X:  FT0X,FT2X,FT4X,FT5X,FT8X;
Amsterdam & St. Paul:     39:  FT8Z:  FT0Z,FT2Z,FT4Z,FT5Z,FT8Z;
Wallis & Futuna Is.:      32:  FW:    FW;
French Guiana:            09:  FY:    FY,TX;
England:                  14:  G:     2,G,M;
Isle of Man:              14:  GD:    2D,2T,GD,GT,MD,MT;
Northern Ireland:         14:  GI:    2I,2N,GI,GN,MI,MN;
Jersey:                   14:  GJ:    2H,2J,GH,GJ,MH,MJ;
Scotland:                 14:  GM:    2M,2S,GM,GS,MM,MS;
Guernsey:                 14:  GU:    2P,2U,GP,GU,MP,MU;
Wales:                    14:  GW:    2C,2W,GC,GW,MC,MW;
Solomon Is.:              28:  H4:    H4;
Hungary:                  15:  HA:    HA,HG;
Switzerland:              14:  HB:    HB,HE;
Liechtenstein:            14:  HB0:   HB0,HE0;
Ecuador:                  10:  HC:    HC,HD;
Galapagos Is.:            10:  HC8:   HC8,HD8;
Haiti:                    08:  HH:    4V,HH;
Dominican Republic:       08:  HI:    HI;
Colombia:                 09:  HK:    5J,5K,HJ,HK;
San Andres/Providencia:   07:  HK0/a: 5J0,5K0,HJ0,HK0;
Malpelo I.:               09:  HK0/m: 5J0M,5K0M,HJ0M,HK0M,HK0TU;
South Korea:              25:  HL:    6K,6L,6M,6N,D7,D8,D9,DS,DT,HL;
North Korea:              25:  HM:    HM,P5,P6,P7,P8,P9;
Panama:                   07:  HP:    3E,3F,H3,H8,H9,HO,HP;
Honduras:                 07:  HR:    HQ,HR;
Thailand:                 26:  HS:    E2,HS;
Vatican:                  15:  HV:    HV;
Saudi Arabia:             21:  HZ:    7Z,8Z,HZ;
Italy:                    15:  I:     I;
Sardinia:                 15:  IS:    IM0,IS,IW0U,IY0GA;
Djibouti:                 37:  J2:    J2;
Grenada:                  08:  J3:    J3;
Guinea-Bissau:            35:  J5:    J5;
St. Lucia:                08:  J6:    J6;
Dominica:                 08:  J7:    J7;
St. Vincent:              08:  J8:    J8;
Japan:                    25:  JA:    7J,7K,7L,7M,7N,8J,8K,8L,8M,8N,J,KA2CC
&                                     KA2DX,KA2EX;
Minami Torishima:         27:  JD/m:  7J1ACH,JD1YAA;
Ogasawara:                27:  JD/o:  JD1,KA2IJ;                              AS
Mongolia:                 23:  JT:    JT,JU,JV;
Svalbard:                 40:  JW:    JW;
Jan Mayen:                40:  JX:    JX;
Jordan:                   20:  JY:    JY;                                     AS
United States:            05:  K:     4U1WB,A,K,N,W;
Belau:                    27:  KC6:   KC6;
Guantanamo Bay:           08:  KG4:   KG4;
Mariana Is.:              27:  KH0:   AH0,KG6RI,KG6SB,KG6SL,KH0,NH0,WH0;
Baker & Howland Is.:      31:  KH1:   AH1,KH1,NH1,WH1;
Guam:                     27:  KH2:   AH2,KG6ARL,KG6DV,KG6DX,KG6JEI,KG6JHC
&                                     KG6JJH,KG6JJP,KG6JKG,KG6JKT,KG6JKV,KH2
&                                     NH2,WH2;
Johnston I.:              31:  KH3:   AH3,KH3,KJ6BZ,NH3,WH3;
Midway I.:                31:  KH4:   AH4,KH4,NH4,WH4;
Palmyra & Jarvis Is.:     31:  KH5:   AH5,KH5,NH5,WH5;
Kingman Reef:             31:  KH5K:  AH5K,KH5K,NH5K,WH5K;
Hawaii:                   31:  KH6:   AH6,KH6,NH6,WH6;
Kure I.:                  31:  KH7:   AH7,KH7,NH7,WH7;
American Samoa:           32:  KH8:   AH8,KH8,KS6BK,KS6CQ,KS6DV,KS6EL,KS6FL
&                                     KS6FO,KS6FS,NH8,WH8;
Wake I.:                  31:  KH9:   AH9,KH9,NH9,WH9;
Alaska:                   01:  KL7:   AL7,KL7,NL7,WL7;
Navassa I.:               08:  KP1:   KP1,NP1,WP1;
US Virgin Is.:            08:  KP2:   KP2,KV4AD,KV4AQ,KV4BA,KV4BS,KV4BT,KV4BV
&                                     KV4CF,KV4CQ,KV4CR,KV4CS,KV4EW,KV4EY,KV4FW
&                                     KV4FZ,KV4GJ,KV4HC,KV4HH,KV4HR,KV4IE,KV4IH
&                                     KV4II,KV4IJ,KV4JC,KV4KD,KV4KW,NP2,WP2;
Puerto Rico:              08:  KP4:   KP4,NP4,WP4;
Desecheo I.:              08:  KP5:   KP5,NP5,WP5;
Norway:                   14:  LA:    LA,LB,LC,LD,LE,LF,LG,LH,LI,LJ,LK,LL,LM,LN;
Argentina:                13:  LU:    AY,AZ,L;
Luxembourg:               14:  LX:    LX;
Lithuania:                15:  LY:    LY;
Bulgaria:                 20:  LZ:    LZ;
Peru:                     10:  OA:    4T,OA,OB,OC;
Lebanon:                  20:  OD:    OD,SM1TDE/4U;                           AS
Austria:                  15:  OE:    4U1VIC,OE;
Finland:                  15:  OH:    OF,OG,OH,OI;
Aland Is.:                15:  OH0:   OF0,OG0,OH0,OI0;
Market Reef:              15:  OJ0:   OH0MA,OH0MB,OH0MD,OJ0,SI8MI;
Czech Republic:           15:  OK:    OK,OL;
Slovakia:                 15:  OM:    OM;
Belgium:                  14:  ON:    ON,OO,OP,OQ,OR,OS,OT;
Greenland:                40:  OX:    OX;                                     NA
Faroe Is.:                14:  OY:    OY;
Denmark:                  14:  OZ:    5P,5Q,OU,OV,OW,OZ,XP;
Papua New Guinea:         28:  P2:    P2;
Aruba:                    09:  P4:    P4;
Netherlands:              14:  PA:    PA,PB,PC,PD,PE,PF,PG,PH,PI;
Netherlands Antilles:     09:  PJ2:   PJ0,PJ1,PJ2,PJ3,PJ4,PJ9;
Sint Maarten:             08:  PJ7:   PJ5,PJ6,PJ7,PJ8;
Brazil:                   11:  PY:    PP,PQ,PR,PS,PT,PU,PV,PW,PX,PY,ZV,ZW,ZX,ZY
&                                     ZZ;
Fernando de Noronha:      11:  PY0F:  PP0F,PQ0F,PR0F,PS0F,PT0F,PU0F,PV0F,PW0F
&                                     PX0F,PY0F,ZV0F,ZW0F,ZX0F,ZY0F,ZZ0F;
St. Peter & St. Paul:     11:  PY0S:  PP0S,PQ0S,PR0S,PS0S,PT0S,PU0S,PV0S,PW0S
&                                     PX0S,PY0S,ZV0S,ZW0S,ZX0S,ZY0S,ZZ0S;
Trindade & Martim Vaz:    11:  PY0T:  PP0T,PQ0T,PR0T,PS0T,PT0T,PU0T,PV0T,PW0T
&                                     PX0T,PY0T,ZV0T,ZW0T,ZX0T,ZY0T,ZZ0T;
Suriname:                 09:  PZ:    PZ;
Franz Josef Land:         40:  R1FJ:  4K2,R1FJ;
Malyj Vysotskij I.:       16:  R1MV:  4J1FM,4J1FS,4J1FW,R1MV;
Western Sahara:           33:  S0:    S0;
Bangladesh:               22:  S2:    S2,S3;
Slovenia:                 15:  S5:    S5;
Seychelles:               39:  S7:    S7;
Sao Tome & Principe:      36:  S9:    S9;
Sweden:                   14:  SM:    7S,8S,SA,SB,SC,SD,SE,SF,SG,SH,SI,SJ,SK,SL
&                                     SM;
Poland:                   15:  SP:    3Z,HF,SN,SO,SP,SQ,SR;
Sudan:                    34:  ST:    6T,6U,ST,ST0K;
Southern Sudan:           34:  ST0:   6T0,6U0,ST0;
Egypt:                    34:  SU:    6A,6B,SS,SU;
Greece:                   20:  SV:    J4,SV,SW,SX,SZ;
Dodecanese:               20:  SV5:   J45,SV5,SW5,SX5,SZ5;
Crete:                    20:  SV9:   J49,SV9,SW9,SX9,SZ9;
Mount Athos:              20:  SY:    SV2ASP/A,SY;
Tuvalu:                   31:  T2:    T2;
Western Kiribati:         31:  T30:   T30;
Central Kiribati:         31:  T31:   T31;
Eastern Kiribati:         31:  T32:   T32;
Banaba:                   31:  T33:   T33;
Somalia:                  37:  T5:    6O,T5;
San Marino:               15:  T7:    T7;
Bosnia-Herzegovina:       15:  T9:    T9;
Turkey:                   20:  TA:    TA,TB,TC,YM;                            AS
Iceland:                  40:  TF:    TF;
Guatemala:                07:  TG:    TD,TG;
Costa Rica:               07:  TI:    TE,TI;
Cocos I.:                 07:  TI9:   TE9,TI9;
Cameroon:                 36:  TJ:    TJ;
Corsica:                  15:  TK:    TK;
Central African Rep:      36:  TL:    TL;
Congo:                    36:  TN:    TN;
Gabon:                    36:  TR:    TR;
Chad:                     36:  TT:    TT;
Ivory Coast:              35:  TU:    TU;
Benin:                    35:  TY:    TY;
Mali:                     35:  TZ:    TZ;
European Russia:          16:  UA:    R,U;
Kaliningradsk:            15:  UA2:   R2,RA2,RK2,RU2,RV2,RW2,RX2,RZ2,U2,UA2,UV2
&                                     UW2,UZ2;
Asiatic Russia:           17:  UA9:   4K4,R0,R10F,R8,R9,RA0,RA8,RA9,RK0,RK8,RK9
&                                     RU0,RU8,RU9,RV0,RV8,RV9,RW0,RW8,RW9,RX0
&                                     RX8,RX9,RZ0,RZ8,RZ9,U0,U8,U9,UA0,UA8,UA9
&                                     UV0,UV8,UV9,UW0,UW8,UW9,UZ0,UZ8,UZ9;
Ukraine:                  16:  UB:    4K5ZI,EM,EN,EO,R5,RB,RT,RY,U5,UB,UR,US,UT
&                                     UU,UX,UY;
Belarus:                  16:  UC:    EU,EV,EW,R2C,RC,U2C,UC;
Azerbaijan:               21:  UD:    4K,R6D,RD,U6D,UD;
Georgia:                  21:  UF:    4L,R6F,RF,U6F,UF;
Armenia:                  21:  UG:    4J,EK,R6G,RG,U6G,UG;
Turkmenistan:             17:  UH:    EZ,R8H,RH,U8H,UH;
Uzbekistan:               17:  UI:    R8I,RI,U8I,UI,UK;
Tajikistan:               17:  UJ:    EY,R8J,RJ,U8J,UJ;
Kazakhstan:               17:  UL:    R7,RL,U7,UL,UN,UP,UQ;
Kyrgyzstan:               17:  UM:    EX,R8M,RM,U8M,UM;
Moldova:                  16:  UO:    ER,R5O,RO,U5O,UO;
Antigua & Barbuda:        08:  V2:    V2;
Belize:                   07:  V3:    V3;
St. Kitts & Nevis:        08:  V4:    V4;
Namibia:                  38:  V5:    V5;
Micronesia:               27:  V6:    V6;
Marshall Is.:             31:  V7:    KX6BU,V7;
Brunei:                   28:  V8:    V8;
Canada:                   05:  VE:    CF,CG,CH,CI,CJ,CK,CY,CZ,VA,VB,VC,VD,VE,VF
&                                     VG,VO,VX,VY,XJ,XK,XL,XM,XN,XO;
Australia:                30:  VK:    AX,VH,VI,VJ,VK,VL,VM,VN,VZ;
Heard I.:                 39:  VK0H:  VK0HI;
Macquarie I.:             30:  VK0M:  AX0,VH0,VI0,VJ0,VK0,VL0,VM0,VN0,VZ0;
Cocos-Keeling:            29:  VK9C:  AX9C,AX9Y,VH9C,VH9Y,VI9C,VI9Y,VJ9C,VJ9Y
&                                     VK9C,VK9EW,VK9WB,VK9Y,VL9C,VL9Y,VM9C,VM9Y
&                                     VN9C,VN9Y,VZ9C,VZ9Y;
Lord Howe I.:             30:  VK9L:  AX9L,VH9L,VI9L,VJ9L,VK9AE,VK9L,VK9YQS
&                                     VL9L,VM9L,VN9L,VZ9L;
Mellish Reef:             30:  VK9M:  AX9M,VH9M,VI9M,VJ9M,VK9M,VL9M,VM9M,VN9M
&                                     VZ9M;
Norfolk I.:               32:  VK9N:  AX9,VH9,VI9,VJ9,VK9,VL9,VM9,VN9,VZ9;
Willis I.:                30:  VK9W:  AX9W,VH9W,VI9W,VJ9W,VK9GS,VK9TR,VK9W
&                                     VK9ZG,VL9W,VM9W,VN9W,VZ9W;
Christmas I.:             29:  VK9X:  AX9X,VH9X,VI9X,VJ9X,VK9X,VL9X,VM9X,VN9X
&                                     VZ9X;
Anguilla:                 08:  VP2E:  VP2E;
Montserrat:               08:  VP2M:  VP2M;
British Virgin Is.:       08:  VP2V:  VP2V;
Turks & Caicos:           08:  VP5:   VP5;
Falkland Is.:             13:  VP8:   92HY,VP8;
South Georgia:            13:  VP8/g: VP8BUB,VP8CBA,VP8CDJ,VP8CGK,VP8CIZ,VP8CKB
&                                     VP8CLR,VP8GAV,VP8SGB;
South Shetland:           13:  VP8/h: 4K1ADQ,4K1F,CE3MMV/9,CE9AT,CE9GEW,CX0XY
&                                     EA0BOD,ED0BOE,HF0POL,HL5BDS,LU2Z,LU3ZI
&                                     LU5ZI,VP8CLZ,ZX0ECF;
South Orkney:             13:  VP8/o: EC0BOD,LU1Z,LU5ZA,VP8BXK,VP8CKC;
South Sandwich:           13:  VP8/s: 4K1ZI,VP8SSI;
Bermuda:                  05:  VP9:   VP9;
Chagos Is.:               39:  VQ9:   VQ9;
Pitcairn I.:              32:  VR6:   VR6,VR8B;
Hong Kong:                24:  VS6:   VR2,VS6;
India:                    22:  VU:    8T,8U,8V,8W,8X,8Y,AT,AU,AV,AW,VT,VU,VV,VW;
Andaman & Nicobar:        26:  VU4:   8T4,8U4,8V4,8W4,8X4,8Y4,AT4,AU4,AV4,AW4
&                                     VT4,VU4,VV4,VW4;
Laccadive Is.:            22:  VU7:   8T7,8U7,8V7,8W7,8X7,8Y7,AT7,AU7,AV7,AW7
&                                     VT7,VU7,VV7,VW7;
Mexico:                   06:  XE:    4A,4B,4C,6D,6E,6F,6G,6H,6I,6J,XA,XB,XC,XD
&                                     XE,XF,XG,XH,XI;
Revilla Gigedo:           06:  XF4:   4A4,4B4,4C4,6D4,6E4,6F4,6G4,6H4,6I4,6J4
&                                     XA4,XB4,XC4,XD4,XE4,XF0C,XF4,XG4,XH4,XI4;
Burkina Faso:             35:  XT:    XT;
Kampuchea:                26:  XU:    XU;
Laos:                     26:  XW:    XW;
Macao:                    24:  XX9:   XX9;
Myanmar:                  26:  XZ:    1Z,XY,XZ;
Afghanistan:              21:  YA:    T6,YA;
Indonesia:                28:  YB:    7A,7B,7C,7D,7E,7F,7G,7H,7I,8A,8B,8C,8D,8E
&                                     8F,8G,8H,8I,JZ,PK,PL,PM,PN,PO,YB,YC,YD,YE
&                                     YF,YG,YH;
Iraq:                     21:  YI:    HN,YI;
Vanuatu:                  32:  YJ:    YJ;
Syria:                    20:  YK:    4U,6C,YK;                               AS
Latvia:                   15:  YL:    YL;
Nicaragua:                07:  YN:    H6,H7,HT,YN;
Romania:                  20:  YO:    YO,YP,YQ,YR;
El Salvador:              07:  YS:    HU,YS;
Yugoslavia:               15:  YU:    4N,4O,YT,YU,YZ;
Venezuela:                09:  YV:    4M,YV,YW,YX,YY;
Aves I.:                  08:  YV0:   4M0,YV0,YW0,YX0,YY0;
Zimbabwe:                 38:  Z2:    Z2;
Macedonia:                15:  Z3:    Z3;
Albania:                  15:  ZA:    ZA;
Gibraltar:                14:  ZB:    ZB,ZG;
UK Bases on Cyprus:       20:  ZC4:   ZC4;                                    AS
St. Helena:               36:  ZD7:   ZD7;
Ascension I.:             36:  ZD8:   ZD8;
Tristan da Cunha:         38:  ZD9:   ZD9;
Cayman Is.:               08:  ZF:    ZF;
North Cook Is.:           32:  ZK1/n: ZK1AAH,ZK1AJJ,ZK1AL,ZK1AR,ZK1AT,ZK1BW
&                                     ZK1BY,ZK1CQ,ZK1DT,ZK1OQ,ZK1TW,ZK1WL,ZK1XP
&                                     ZK1XR,ZK1XY;
South Cook Is.:           32:  ZK1/s: ZK1;
Niue:                     32:  ZK2:   ZK2;
Tokelau Is.:              31:  ZK3:   ZK3;
New Zealand:              32:  ZL:    ZL,ZM;
Chatham Is.:              32:  ZL7:   ZL7,ZM7;
Kermadec Is.:             32:  ZL8:   ZL8,ZM8;
Auckland & Campbell:      32:  ZL9:   ZL9,ZM9;
Paraguay:                 11:  ZP:    ZP;
South Africa:             38:  ZS:    H5,S4,S8,T8,V9,ZR,ZS,ZT,ZU;
Penguin Is.:              38:  ZS0:   ZS0;
Marion I.:                38:  ZS8:   ZR8,ZS8,ZT8,ZU8;
Walvis Bay:               38:  ZS9:   ZS9;

>From Wirzenius Jari <HATJWI at HATMAIL.HATFI1.msgw.kone.com>  Fri Feb 11 16:06:00 1994
From: Wirzenius Jari <HATJWI at HATMAIL.HATFI1.msgw.kone.com> (Wirzenius Jari)
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 94 08:06:00 PST
Subject: Contest QSLs
Message-ID: <2D5BAD74 at msgw.kone.com>

I am concerned about some opinions presented here on contest forum.

I think the bureau QSL's are the thing which makes the ham radio business 
very interesting, personal and important to us all. I don't want to QSL 
every state for WAS with direct QSL requests, specially, when you are 
looking forward of 5Band WAS. It is getting very very expensive.

When I started as a ham 1979. Sending QSL is one of the most important and 
special thing in ham radio. Since 1979 I have QSL'd every QSO. In contest 
QSO's I have used different ways. either writing the QSL of every QSO, 
before they start to drop from bureau or answering every bureau card when 
they come in. I would not even imagine not to answer. I answer also every 
QSL for SWL's, because that is all they can have out of ham radio. They 
can't talk to you thay can only listen, and therefore I think the best we 
hams can do them is to send a QSL, when they send one to you.

I don't  understand how it may become expensive to QSL every contest QSO. If 
you make e.g. 20k QSO's in contests during a year, I would not even imagine 
to print a card to answer the incoming QSL's. I would have made a rubber 
stamp and stamp every incoming bureau card with it and make the QSL valid 
for any award he may be looking forward to complete, with my QSL-card. You 
don't have to send your own QSL card, as long as the rubber stamp or sticker 
or whatever way you choose is making the confirmation acceptable for awards. 
Is a rubber stamp too expensive? Or do these people just HATE TO QSL??? I 
think the latest is more true, unfortunately.

Ron Wright, ZL1AMO, will send a stamped QSL (your own ) back to you, if send 
a  card to him through bureau. I very happy with it, beacause the stamp 
verifys the contact,(I don't need anything else ). If I wan't a pretty card 
I can send him direct request.

My two cents.


hatjwi at hatmail.hatfi1.msgw.kone.com

>From Peter Reed <P.L.Reed at sussex.ac.uk>  Fri Feb 11 08:54:31 1994
From: Peter Reed <P.L.Reed at sussex.ac.uk> (Peter Reed)
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 1994 08:54:31 GMT
Subject: Control of 940 - info pse
Message-ID: <7837.199402110854 at solx1>

Hi all. Saw a posting about computer control of the TS940 on the reflector
today which was rather timely. I have a bog standard 940 and would like to be
able to control the band switching (in particular) from CT. I suspect the ACC1
socket on the 940 is the place to start as looking through the circuit
diagram this socket appears to hold the serial control lines.

However, the 940 manual I have gives no assistance. I wonder what the article
in QST gave? Unfortunately I take a couple of mags from the USA but QST is not
one of them. 

Is anyone able to give me some suggestions or information on controling the
940, please? Is an external interface necessary between the PC and the 940??
Does the QST article give details of this??

Many thanks. Please mail me direct if you wish.

Good luck with 3Y!

Peter, G4BVH.

>From Danny Eskenazi <0005720561 at mcimail.com>  Fri Feb 11 07:38:00 1994
From: Danny Eskenazi <0005720561 at mcimail.com> (Danny Eskenazi)
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 94 02:38 EST
Subject: Electronic QSL credit (cont'd)
Message-ID: <42940211073824/0005720561PK1EM at mcimail.com>

If a Dxpedition must be "accreditted" by ARRL to count, why not make a
condition of acceptance that they submit a disk log - therefore allowing
"INSTANT DXCC CREDIT". Let the actual mailed card be a souvenir of the 
QSO (which I believe was the ORIGINAL intention of a QSL) and give those
who work the rare one credit right now! Thats what new counters are..
proof you worked the rare one! ...not a 3month later postcard. 
(Trey - for the sake of argument, the expediton was operating on a contest
weekend..therefore germain to THIS reflector) (whew....) 73 K7SS

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