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Sun Jan 2 10:48:31 EST 1994

It must have been about 10 years ago that I suggested to K3EST that
the top ten single op/all band U.S. listing for the CQ WW be dropped,
and that in its place a set of three "top fives" for zones 3, 4, and
5 be added.

I figured at the time that since you were dividing the U.S. into
three "leagues," and thus watering down the competition somewhat,
that making it a bit tougher to make each "box" was appropriate.

I still think its a good idea.  I guess you could do it for the ARRL
as well, but without zones, there is no obvious way of dividing
the country up.

On the other hand, carrying out this kind of regionalization for all
of the other categories (e.g., multi-op's, single bands, low power)
could really blow up the whole system.

   -- Pat

>From Walton L. Stinson" <wstinson at  Sun Jan  2 18:51:22 1994
From: Walton L. Stinson" <wstinson at (Walton L. Stinson)
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 1994 11:51:22 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Regional competition
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regarding Pat, WA8YVR's, suggestion that results emphasize regional
competition, the CAC is currently looking into this issue and 
welcomes your input.
73, Walt, W0CP, Chairman, ARRL Contest Advisory Committee

>From Tim Totten <kj4vh at>  Sun Jan  2 20:09:36 1994
From: Tim Totten <kj4vh at> (Tim Totten)
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 1994 15:09:36 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Zone boxes in CQ WW
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What abt listing the top five for ALL 40 ZONES in CQ WW?  This would give 
us zone 3 and zone 4 types something to shoot for, as well as reward 
achievements from other parts of the world.  Just perhaps this would 
finally encourage an upturn in JA participation, as they gun for one of 
the top five zone 25 spots.  And those of us who sometimes show up from 
zone 8 might whine a little less abt the QSO point disadvantage while we 
try to come in second behind KP2A for zone 8.  Maybe we'll start working 
more than a handful of VKs and ZLs every contest (well, maybe that's 
pushing it a bit).  Maybe this would even increase competition within the 
common zones, while also encouraging operations from the rarer zones, 
where "making the box" would almost be guaranteed.  The way I see it, 
making the box from any zone would be a worthy accomplishment--it would 
either indicate that you had prevailed against some tough competition, OR 
you had made an effort to activate some rarer zone and thus helped out 
all the rest of us.  Aren't these both things we wish to encourage and 
73, Tim

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