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Tue Jan 4 10:05:09 EST 1994


>From Willy Umanets <uw9ar at>  Wed Jan  5 00:21:40 1994
From: Willy Umanets <uw9ar at> (Willy Umanets)
Date: Tue,  4 Jan 94 19:21:40 -0500
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Since I have been getting many requests on new CIS prefixes
I decided to publish it here, so that everybody cud see.
This information is not official and not full. I got it from
unofficial source at CRC of Russia (even there they don't have
official listing as yet).

The new system is supposed to be put in force since the 1st of Jan.94.

     COUNTRY             PREFIXES

     Armeniya            EK,4J
     Beloruss            EU,EW,EV
     Georgia             4L
     Moldova             ER
     Kirgiz              EX
     Kazakh              UN,UO,UP,UQ
     Russia              UA,UB,UC,UD,UE,UF.UG.UH,UI,all R series and 4K
     Ukraine             UR,US,UT,UU,UX,UY,UZ
     Uzbekh              UJ,UM

Pse note, that my source skipped UV & UW series. Is it gonna be retained
w/Russia? Supposedly it went to Ukraine. Am I gonna stay with
my lovely UW9AR? Will see in a while...
In the listing above I missed UD - formerly Azerbaijan cuz my source forgot
to tell me and I forgot to ask... it is Jan.04.94 only one day after NY
celebrations and two days b4 orthodox church XMAS... in Russia we are all
off till Jan.10.94.
CUL, Willy.
73, Willy, UW9AR
JV "Challenger Ltd"                 phone : 351-260-0190
Internet : uw9ar at       fax   : 351-237-1756

>From John W. Brosnahan" <broz at  Tue Jan  4 15:51:58 1994
From: John W. Brosnahan" <broz at (John W. Brosnahan)
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 1994 08:51:58 -0700
Subject: Improving contest participation
Message-ID: <199401041551.AA26068 at>

I enjoyed Willy's (UW9AR) comments about contesting, but I think a summary
of my position, which is based on 1) reflector input,  2) private email,
3) on the air discussions, 4) telephone conversations, 5) and my own bias, 
is in order, so that the real issues are debated.  This is primarily 
addressed to the CQWW, but represent a general feeling towards the ARRL DX
contest as well.
1)  No changes in the contest rules. 
2)  There is a general feeling in the mid and western parts of the US 
       (and possibly in other countries that cover more than one time zone) 
       that there has been an under-recognition of outstanding efforts.
3)  For countries that cover multiple zones, scores should be broken out
       by zones.  Still keep the top USA boxes, but just add a few more
       boxes to include top scores by zones.
4)  CQWW built in an attempt at equalization with the 2 points for North
       American qsos.  The reasons for this may want to be reviewed
       to see if they are still valid.
5)  Mercifully, there is little to no support for any equalization of scores 
       to take into account differences in propagation, antennas, skills, or 
       anything else one can imagine.
George (W0UA) and myself have assummed the task of keeping US (by call area)
and Canadian records for the major contests and these will be published in 
NCJ.  We do not plan to extend it to other areas but encourage local groups 
to do so.  And I am (personally) very supportive of the various efforts that 
have been published on internet of the top ops by region, district, zone, 
or whatever, over multiple contests as well as by individual contest.  I find 
these quite interesting and revealing.  Keep up the good work.  
The breakdown of the (1992) CQWW Top 5 by Zone by Bruce WA7BNM is very 
revealing.  There seems to be a big decline in the west coast multi-op entries 
compared to the "glory days".  Participation incentives (mugs, pins, brooms, 
etc) have worked well, but I still feel that recognition in the published 
results is still the best incentive.  
73  John  W0UN     broz at

K1AR's message indicates a willingness to address these points, my message is
just intended to show how little is being asked for, and to quell any rumors
that I (we) are seeking changes in the contests, only in the reporting of
the scores.

>From tree at (Larry Tyree)  Tue Jan  4 16:18:42 1994
From: tree at (Larry Tyree) (Larry Tyree)
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 94 08:18:42 PST
Subject: SprINT
Message-ID: <9401041618.AA19260 at>

I have received 20 logs so far.  You still have today and most of tomorrow
to get you log sent in via Internet.  Send logs to N6TR at

Tree N6TR

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