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Thanks for printing that list...  I for one think it points out the huge
difference between even zone 5 and zone 4!  Good work!

Hey Cox & Dohr & Lunt are you listening???


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Subject: Increasing contest activity
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> I don't feel that I have been whining about the disadvantage of being
> in Colorado, but I would like to join in this discussion.  Contest

Me too.

> sponsors are in the business of promoting their contests and that means
> doing things that increase activity rather than decrease it.  Recognition
> for achievement tends to increase activity and I believe some of the
> "losing" scores from out west are greater achievements than "winning" scores
> from New England. 

I can't really comment to much on this but most of us "out west" have
figured out who we really compete with.

> But without any recognition there has been a tendency
> to have fewer efforts from out west, especially during low sunspot periods.

That's a good point and certainly why some of us do single bands or kind of
play in certain contests.

> to be re-evaluated.  The point that I am actively trying to make is that 
> the DX contests need a method to recognize outstanding efforts no matter 
> where they are made from, or participation will decline and all participants
> will suffer because of the reduced activity.


> The CQWW contest is a natural for dividing up large countries by zones, since
> zones are already an important part of the test.  The ARRL DX tests could
> be divided up by Divisions (probably too many),  Call Areas, or Time Zones
> (as has been suggested).

> 73  John  W0UN

Well John I have to agree with your whole argument and strangely enough you
will find in all the RTTY contests that some sort of sub-division has been
made along these lines.  In fact in most W3, W7, etc. are also mults.  At
least you can place your score among a group of equal areas. Of course in
the RTTY contests we on the west coast win a lot of the time.

And to relate a RTTY conversation that I had this weekend with a prominent
W2 who just beat me in CQWW RTTY on a single band effort from W2 vs. W7 he
claimed that he wasn't entering the ARRL RTTY Roundup and had done a lot of
whining to his CAC that the contest wasn't fair.  Its kind of a SS like
event with States, Provinces, and DX all as mults. Rather an interesting
event with only one mult per contest rather than band mults. Rather makes
his comment about working the XT4XX on 10 and the YU3AA on 80 sort of moot
and guess what the contest has been won (single Op.) by W7, W7, W3, W5,
and W2.  Hmmm no W1's ! A contest anyone can win.

I like the idea of box scores by zone or division and I think you will find
that people shoot for the boxes.  I know I entered the ARRL RTTY Rounup one
year as a Low-Power M/S so that WB7AVD could see his call in lights.

Jay Townsend, Ws7i  < jayt at comtch.iea.com >

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