WQ5L NAQP results

Ray Rocker rrrocker at rock.b11.ingr.com
Mon Jan 10 00:58:08 EST 1994

This was my first NAQP. I like this contest. Lots.

Call:      WQ5L
QTH:       Madison, AL
Rig:       FT-757GX
Antenna:   5-band Alpha Delta DX-CC at 25' or so
Team:      NADXC #1 (I think.)

Band       QSOs   Mults
160        Didn't try
80         134     38    
40         131     41    
20         109     41    
15          40     16    
10          16      7    
TOTALS     430  x 143    == 61,490

Not a peep out of: South Carolina (!), Utah, Nevada, Montana, Kansas,
                   Nebraska, Alaska, Hawaii, Alberta, British Columbia

Worked on five bands: N4TQO, K6LL, N6NF, N6TV

Notable moment: getting called by FS1GM asking what "CQ NA" means. 
                There's a multiplier I bet most of you didn't get :-)

Looking forward to the next party...

73 de WQ5L
Ray Rocker // rrrocker at rock.b11.ingr.com

>From Peter Reed <mpfb8 at syma.sussex.ac.uk>  Mon Jan 10 09:03:23 1994
From: Peter Reed <mpfb8 at syma.sussex.ac.uk> (Peter Reed)
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 94 09:03:23 GMT
Subject: Repeated mail??
Message-ID: <12884.9401100903 at syma.sussex.ac.uk>

Hi all. Think I saw something about this a while before Christmas but don't
remember any follow-up. I get multiple copies of the same messages sent over
the Reflector. Sometimes more than twice.
Anyone else getting this - is there a problem somewhere?????
It's not great problem to me as, luckily, I don't pay for receiving or
sending mail but guess many others do.

Wishing you all a DX-full 1994.

73...Peter, G4BVH.

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