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Mon Jan 10 13:48:47 EST 1994

>> I would like to see contest reporting with HOW MANY HOURS (such as in
>> SS) reported.  How about you?
>I like the Sweepstakes (and whatever other contest) listings that list
>the hours of operation.  I'd like to see this for all contests, though I
>suspect that many would consider it a waste of space in the magazines
>for contests as short as the NAQP.

Add me to the 'yes' column.  I virtually never go the full time period on
any contest, but I still want some "credit" for my effort in terms of
Qs/hour at least.  Maybe we can have a full discussion on a "casual" entry
classification :-)

(I'm already ducking the rotten eggs)

--Jim, K6ZH

>From David O. Hachadorian" <0006471356 at  Mon Jan 10 20:37:00 1994
From: David O. Hachadorian" <0006471356 at (David O. Hachadorian)
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 94 15:37 EST
Subject: K6LL naqp score & comments
Message-ID: <21940110203712/0006471356PK2EM at>

naqp cw 1-94, K6LL score:
     band        QSOs       mults
     160           21         12
      80          122         43
      40          170         47
      20          171         49
      15          147         50
      10          114         42
     total:       745        243     claimed score: 181,035  

         1. To me, this contest is more FUN than any other.

         2. Should have allowed more time for 160. Low band condx were good.

         3. What is the power limit for this contest, anyway? QST says 150w 
output. NCJ says 100w output. Peak or average on ssb? Can we           
resolve this issue before next weekend? I vote for 100w peak           

k6ll at (note change of e-mail address)

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