rkaufmn at CC.UManitoba.CA rkaufmn at CC.UManitoba.CA
Wed Jan 12 20:27:01 EST 1994

                       NCJ NA QSO PARTY

     Exchanged Information: VE4GV ROB MB
     Hours of Operation: 08:21
     band      QSOs     points    mults
     160          8         8        8
      80         68        68       31
      40        146       146       42
      20        145       145       42
      15         92        92       34
      10         42        42       19
     TOTAL      501       501      176      SCORE: 88,176
     Club or Team Name: BHCC                        
     Comments: Define confusion : (a) Hearing N6TV N6TR and N6TW all calling
     CQ NA within 2 kcs on 10 M !
                                  (b) Having KE0A and K1EA call you at the
     same time !
     Qrt at 10:30 local time and never did get back to the contest. It didn't
     help that 7 week old harmonic became attached to left shoulder after
     11:00 pm feeding. And I used to laugh at all those guys who said FAMILY
     interrupted their contest life. :-). Ain't it the truth.
     CU in  NA QSO SSB. 
     PS. Had serious thoughts of using the name Buttafuocco in this weekend's
     NAQSO SSB but I think I'LL "shorten" it to Bobitt. Is that QRPp ? Ouch.
     Rob VE4GV


>From Kenneth N Bolin <KBOLIN at>  Thu Jan 13 10:03:17 1994
From: Kenneth N Bolin <KBOLIN at> (Kenneth N Bolin)
Date: 13 Jan 94 10:03:17 ET
Message-ID: <MAILQUEUE-101.940113100316.320 at dpc2>

     For the past 2+ years I have been plagued with a computer-type
noise on 160 that I have not been able to locate the source of. The
noise is about 1 KHz wide and occurs every 7.5 KHz up and down the
band. While the noise is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it does
change frequency (remains on 7.5 KHz centers) and strength. The noise
is not immediate to my house as I can only hear it on my beverage but
it is strong enough to cover up any DX that weaker than it. It's
strength varies from S5 to S8. I can hear it on the 160 dipole but
it's usually weaker than the normal band noise and is not a problem

     I've tried several times to find the source of the noise but
have had no luck. Based on information from a couple of guys on the
cluster, it's probably someone with a bad touch-on/touch-off lamp.
Anyhow, I'd like to give one of these new Digital Signal Processors a
try to see if I can process it away. Has anyone had positive (or
negative) experience with any of the currently available DSPs in
eliminating computer or computer-like noise. I don't mind spending
the money to get rid of this junk, but I don't want to waste it on
something that won't work.

     Thanks in advance for your time and inputs.

     73, Ken, W1NG (KBOLIN at DPC2.HDOS.HAC.COM)

>From blunt at (Billy Lunt KR1R)  Thu Jan 13 16:10:20 1994
From: blunt at (Billy Lunt KR1R) (Billy Lunt KR1R)
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 94 11:10:20 EST
Subject: CAC News Release
Message-ID: <5154 at bl>

The American Radio Relay League

225 Main Street, Newington CT USA  06111
Telephone: 203-666-1541
Telefax: 203-665-7531
MCI Mail ID: 450-7394


January 13, 1994                   For Further Information Contact:
                                           Billy Lunt, KR1R


The ARRL Contest Advisory Committee (CAC) is studying the scoring for 
rovers in VHF contests. In particular they are looking at the impact 
of rover scoring on club competition in the January VHF Sweepstakes. 
The committee invites input on the following proposal:

"Rovers are not eligible for Club Aggregate Competition. Rovers may not 
engage in the practice of 'Grid Circling', which is defined as the 
premeditated (not coincidental) act of two or more Rover stations roving 
to the same locations at the same times and working each other, regardless 
of whether or not they work anyone else. This specifically includes family 
members traveling in the same or different vehicles."

The following may also me included in the proposal:

"Rovers who are suspected of `Grid Circling' will be given a chance to
demonstrate they were not before their logs are disqualified."

Comments may be sent to: ARRL - CAC, 225 Main Street, Newington, CT 06111. 
Email comments may be directed to Internet Address: cac at

-  30  -

>From Jim Reisert AD1C  13-Jan-1994 1133 <reisert at>  Thu Jan 13 16:29:01 1994
From: Jim Reisert AD1C  13-Jan-1994 1133 <reisert at> (Jim Reisert AD1C 13-Jan-1994 1133)
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 94 11:29:01 EST
Subject: Don't download CT 8.51!
Message-ID: <9401131629.AA29999 at>

It showed up on the CT BBS within the last couple of days, but it has a
major bug in that it doesn't write the .BIN file correctly and you can't
read the log back in.


Ken has promised to fix this and put 8.52 up on the BBS today.

As far as I remember, the fixes that went into 8.51 are:

	- CT scores /MM QSOs based on continent derived from CQ Zone
	- In VHF contests, you can now have 3 modes - CW, SSB and FM

73 - Jim AD1C

>From robert penneys <penneys at>  Fri Jan 14 04:01:35 1994
From: robert penneys <penneys at> (robert penneys)
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 94 23:01:35 EST
Subject: Work All N.E.R.D.S. on NAQP!!!
Message-ID: <9401140401.AA17686 at>

Yes, we'll be back on Saturday for phone. Listen for...


for the Newark Extras from Rural Delaware State (now including PA)

CU on Sat with a new name or two!!

Tnx Bob and the gang

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