CQ 160 / WQ5L

Ray Rocker rrrocker at rock.b11.ingr.com
Sun Jan 30 23:36:37 EST 1994

Actually I had no intention of operating this one since I have no antenna
for 160m, but I tuned down there out of curiosity at 2 AM Sunday morning
and the contest bug bit...

Call:     WQ5L
QTH:      Alabama
Rig:      FT-757GX + LA1000 amp (~500W)
Antenna:  Alpha-Delta 80-10m inverted vee

QSOs:            99
States:          31
Provinces:        1
DX:               2
Score:          ??? (I don't have the rules!)
Hours operated: 2.5 (0805-1035 Sunday)

W1: 8   (RI x3, CT x3, MA, ME)
W2: 8   (NJ x5, NY x3)
W3: 11  (PA x5, MD x5, DE)
W4: 22  (GA x10, VA x4, KY x3, NC x2, FL, AL, TN)
W5: 10  (TX x7, OK, NM, MS)
W6: 3   (CA x3)
W7: 1   (AZ)
W8: 7   (MI x4, OH x3)
W9: 12  (IL x5, WI x4, IN x3)
W0: 12  (MO x5, KS x3, IA x2, CO x2)
VE: 3   (ON x3)
DX: 2   (XE, VP9)

I was going to get up at 6am to see if maybe W6/W7 would come in better
at sunrise, but I slept thru the alarm (why I even thought 90 minutes of
sleep was necessary is beyond me).

73 de WQ5L

-- ray 
   rrrocker at rock.b11.ingr.com
   72673,2105 on Compuserve

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