Antenna stack problems

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Mon Jan 31 08:41:36 EST 1994

As most of you know, I put up a 60' tower a few weeks ago which now sprouts
a 40-2CD, WARC dipole, and TH-7, in that order, from top to bottom, all
oriented the same direction.

After 2 weeks of on-the-air time, here are my impressions:

1)  The 2-el on 40 works ***very*** well.  I can hear and work stuff I only
imagined before.

2)  The WARC dipole works *very* well on 30, but seems dead on 17 and 12. 
I did a side-by-side with another ham in the area who also has a WARC
dipole, lower than mine, and signals to him on 17 were consistently a few S
units louder than to me (same rig).

3)  The TH-7 "works" in that signals get louder in the right direction, but
overall it sounds rather dead--not much noise, a bunch of weak signals. 
Kinda like listening to 15 mtrs on a 40 meter dipole.  Again, the
side-by-side on 15 meters had same results--his 3-el tri-bander at 50 feet
was "hearing" better than my TH-7 at 60 feet.  (And my location is, if
anything, better than his).

Also, I failed miserably in trying to crack a small pileup on 20 SSB last
night to work VP8CPC while several other 6s got thru in one call.

So, I seem to have some severe interaction.  Any specific experiences with
a combination like this?  Should I turn the TH-7 and WARC dipole 90 degrees
to the 2-el 40?  Should I reverse the order of the stack (perish the

Tnx in advance, 73--Jim, K6ZH
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Date: Mon, 31 Jan 94 09:24:45 PST
Subject: Sprint teams
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1. You may register your CW sprint team via internet to tree at

2. You can even send in your sprint log in ASCII format to the same address.
However, you will still need to send a hard copy of your SUMMARY SHEET to
15125 SE Bartell Road, Boring, ORE  97009.  Otherwise, you will be a check log.

3. We had a multi-single effort at N6TR using the call K7RO.  Our score is so
low compared to east coast, I won't even post it...  but we had fun regardless
of how the writeup looks.  I think if you are operating to show up in the
results, you are operating for the wrong reasons.  Otherwise, why would 
anyone on the west coast get into the 160 test?  The 160 tests are really
one of the most FUN contests going, but there is no chance of a W7 ever 
breaking into the top ten.  

4. The N6TR BBS was down during the 160 test due to RFI problems.  It is back
now.  Version 4.10 had some bugs discovered during the 160 test.  Version
4.11 will be available in a couple of days with all the fixes.  Learning
pains with .CTY files.

Tree N6TR

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