NV6O CQ160 M/S

Mon Jan 31 10:56:02 EST 1994

Well - We tried this 160 sillieness again.  A little bit smarter this
time.  Quit at 1am local.  Restart at 0530 local - quit at 0730.

Saturday eve. start at 1700 local quit at 2100 local.  Again a quick
look at sunrise.

Biggest thrill was the JA run on Sat AM.  About 15 stns answered CQ.

Antennas:  Xmit: Shunt loaded 72' crankup.
           Rcv: 10'dia 7/8" hardline loop

Radio:     IC765, Ten-tec Titan

Ops:       AA6LB, NV6O

Watch for Carl, AA6LB with his new KH8 call from KH8 on 2-18 or 19.
He's going with 160-40 in mind.  Will get there halfway thru test due
to flight scheduling.  IC735 and 76PA with HF2V R7 and RG-58 rcv loop.

271 Q's 43 States & Prov., 8 cty = abt. 40K

I'm new to the band, so this is fun.  By the way, any signal comparisons
from midwest and east would be appreciated.

Eric, NV6O
edwoods at pacbell.com

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