CQ 160 Score N6ND and N6DX

craigr at marlin.nosc.mil craigr at marlin.nosc.mil
Mon Jan 31 15:28:25 EST 1994

                        CQ 160 METER CONTEST           1994                                 
      Call: N6ND                     Country:  United States (067)                          
      Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Single                                 
               QSO   QSO PTS  STATES COUNTRIES                                              
     Totals    676    1986      56      20    =   150,936                                   

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.                                        
Operator List: N6ND, K9VV, NL7GP                                                            
Equipment Description: TS-950SD, 8877 Amp, shuntfeed 110' tower plus                        
        one beverage for receive.                                                           
        Good conditions to the East coast both nights, many W1's were S9+, but              
no Euro's or Africans were heard.  46 JA's worked.                                          
     We also had a problem with CT 8.52 but not with the Check Partial.  If the             
950 was on VFO B and we tried to grab a spot, the radio ended up with the VFO's             
split and neither VFO on the spot freq.  Seemed to work OK if we started on VFO A.          
N6DX Multi-single score                                                                     
967 Qs  54 Sections     26 Countries                                                        
266k pts     (130 JA's)                                                                     

Rick Craig  N6ND
NRaD Code 848
craigr at marlin.nosc.mil

>From Coreen & Mike" <wynder at brunswickmicro.nb.ca  Fri Jan 28 21:52:05 1994
From: Coreen & Mike" <wynder at brunswickmicro.nb.ca (Coreen & Mike)
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 1994 17:52:05 -0400
Subject: 160m cw test
Message-ID: <21510210100938 at brunswickmicro.nb.ca>

ve9aa single op, unasisted, ic736, mla2500b@ 750w, inverted L
678 q's, 4145 pts, 56 "states" (missed ID) 51 countries
score: 443,515
fell asleep both nights, so missed vk,zl,ja,kh6,kl7 goshdarnit!
tnx to all who repeated mni times. WE had wicked rain/wind all 

wynder at brunswickmicro.nb.ca

>From Bruce Herrick <bdh at mixcom.mixcom.com>  Fri Jul  1 00:02:33 1994
From: Bruce Herrick <bdh at mixcom.mixcom.com> (Bruce Herrick)
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 94 18:02:33 CDT
Subject: FD Observations
Message-ID: <199406302302.SAA05150 at mixcom.mixcom.com>

Re: Field Day '94...

1.  I was amazed by the number of well known contest calls I worked in
category 1D. Once you reach Real Contester (tm) status, is FD beneath you?
I guess this is Ham Radio, after all, and it is indegenous to the breed to
sit home, work 700 dupes, and whine about all the lids, rather than go out
to the site, HT in hand, drink your share of the beer, and maybe, just
maybe, help just one of those lousy ops become a better one...

2.  Weird phonetics are sometimes a pain, sometimes funny, especially at
4AM.  If CQ FD November Nine Kilo Sierra doesn't elicit an answer after 10
or 20 calls, November Nine Kinky Sex will invariably get a chuckle and a Q.

3.  Funny how, during an "emergency preparedness drill", if an actual
emergency comes up, such as, in our case, severe weather, everyone hurriedly
disconnects all the power and antennas, grabs a fresh 807, and heads for the

4.  We actually had some non-ham visitors who acted genuinely interested,
put on a spare set of phones, and listened intently for 5 minutes or so, ON

FD is fun.  I hope it always remains thus...

73, Bruce WW1M    N9KS 4A WI
Bruce D. Herrick               bdh at mixcom.com      Home:   414.462.1270
Pryon Corporation                                  Office: 414.253.5678
N93 W14575 Whittaker Way                           Fax:    414.253.2772
Menomonee Falls, WI  53051                         PacketCluster: WW1M > NB9C

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