Tue Jul 5 14:29:38 EDT 1994

RSGB HQ Station in IARU Radiosport Contest

The RSGB headquarters station GB5HQ will be operating in the contest from
my QTH, and there may be some operation on the WARC bands outside the
contest period. Most operation will be on CW. QSL to my home call.
Dave G4BUO


>From drs at (Doug Snowden)  Tue Jul  5 16:35:54 1994
From: drs at (Doug Snowden) (Doug Snowden)
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 1994 11:35:54 -0400
Subject: WAEDC contest
Message-ID: <9407051535.AA208661 at rs2>

I was just putting a note on the calendar to remind myself to get on 
for the contest. It made me think about winning, etc. Has a U.S. winner
ever been a W4 ??? Not that I am competitive enough, after having heard
W1's do their European runs during the CQWW test, it is hard for me to
believe that a W4 could win. 

Doug, N4IJ   drs at

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