The Perfect HF Tranceiver

Wed Jul 6 01:43:57 EDT 1994

    Unfortunately the TS-930S was short I/O ports and expanders. Most of the
functions except for immediate VFO and RIT are in effect hardwired or
manually switched. 

73, Bob KG7D
via internet"rkile at"

>From James Brooks <9v1yc%equator at>  Wed Jul  6 03:59:18 1994
From: James Brooks <9v1yc%equator at> (James Brooks)
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 1994 02:59:18 GMT
Subject: IARU
Message-ID: <2e1a0ff9.equator at equator.uucp>


Just a reminder once again to listen out for 9V1ARU
in the "HQ" category in the upcoming IARU contest.

Operators are : 9V1YC, 9V1YI, 9V1YJ and JE1JKL/NH6J.

Peak openings from here (as tested this week):


        20m 1115z  W3,W8,VE3 (LP)
            1230z  W4-W5,W0,W9
            1400z  W6,W7,VE6,VE7

        40m 1115z  W4,W5,W0,VE6
            1400z+ W6,W7,VE7

W. Europe:

        15m 0930z 
        20m 1600z 
        40m 2200z 

E. Eurpoe:

        15m 0800z 
        20m 1400z 
        40m 2000z 


| James 9V1YC | 9v1yc%equator at  |

>From Gardin Petter, SEME" <M.P.Gardin at  Wed Jul  6 12:54:00 1994
From: Gardin Petter, SEME" <M.P.Gardin at (Gardin Petter, SEME)
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 94 11:56:00 +2
Subject: CQ Chicago contesters
Message-ID: <2E1AAA4E at noak>

Me and my friend SM3OJR/Jon will be in Chicago between august 19 and 26 and 
it would be very nice to be able to visit a contest station there ( if there 
are any?).
We are building a contest station here in Sweden  and are looking for 
experience from your side.

We'll be attending a conference in Chicago and the only day of will be 
Sunday august 21.

Hope to hear from you soon.

73/ Petter  SM3PXO

email: m.p.gardin at

>From Gardin Petter, SEME" <M.P.Gardin at  Wed Jul  6 13:44:00 1994
From: Gardin Petter, SEME" <M.P.Gardin at (Gardin Petter, SEME)
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 94 12:46:00 +2
Subject: Eastern VHF/UHF conference
Message-ID: <2E1AB612 at noak>


Is anyone going to the conference from New York area.

I'm coming to New York from Chicago friday afternoon and would like to go to 
the conference but don't know how I should do. Maybe some of you out there 
are going up to the conference and could be kind to let a little swede go 
with you?

All the best

73/ Petter  SM3PXO

email:  m.p.gardin at

>From Gary Sutcliffe <gary.sutcliffe at>  Wed Jul  6 12:56:30 1994
From: Gary Sutcliffe <gary.sutcliffe at> (Gary Sutcliffe)
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 94 6:56:30 CDT
Subject: NCJ column request
Message-ID: <199407061156.GAA09544 at>

HI guys.
The deadline for the Sept-Oct NCJ is coming up next week.  As usual,
I would like your input for my column Contest Tips, Tricks & Techniques.
This month's question is:
     What three or four pieces of advice would you give a new ham getting
     interested in contesting?
Please email your replies directly to me.  You can read the results in
NCJ.  Thanks. - Gary
 Gary Sutcliffe  - W9XT             Unified Microsystems (414) 644-9036
 ppvvpp at MIXCOM.COM                  PO Box 133, Slinger WI 53086

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