Wed Jul 13 18:38:50 EDT 1994

>The high octane issue didn't specifically appear because I asked it last
>year. The 100W question was not an attempt to dance around the issue, it
>was an honest question to see how people feel about the tradeoffs
>between running a real KW vs. 100W in contests such as SS.
>I'm the first to agree that high power is not only bad for contesting
>but bad for amateur radio as well. But frankly, I don't think it is
>pervasive enough in our ranks to get all worked up over it (recent
>scuttlebutt aside).
>One final operating mode tends to focus on things I can
>directly control (e.g., station, improving operating skill and contest
>knowledge, etc.) and less on the things I can't control (e.g., worrying
>about who is cheating).
>There's another 2 cents worth for ya...
>73 John, K1AR
>p.s. By the way, if you segment out the non-contester's responses to the
>question of high power abuse I asked last year (after all, many if not
>most non-contesters think ALL contesters run gas!), the overwhelming
>opinion was that it is generally a non-issue. Not scientific, just what
>a few hundred guys thought...
>p.p.s. And another by the way...isn't it great that we can discuss
>issues like this in this manner!!

Well, John, if thats how everyone feels then I must be from another planet.
Because the folks I talk to think it *is* an issue that is worthy of
discussion, albeit there is no known cure for the problem. Even the
FCC couldn't stop a notorious W2 hi power op from abusing the
priveleges of his license. He sued the FCC and won!  BTW, this station
happens to have worked all 40 zones on 20M when his station was used
that one time for a contest.  I know that our club, thru peer pressure,
maintains a policy of discouraging such operation.

I didn't mean to get you in a tizzy. I just thought that something
should be done to discourage (illegal) high power operating. Since
the issue came up on the forum, I thought I'd put in my two-bits. And,
in a way I blew off some steam in the process. We all can't be consistant
winners. So, when I got so close to victory I could smell it, and I found
out I was beat by Mr. PowerCo, I blew my lid, lost my composure, got pissed,
became depressed, wanna quit, _______, fill-in the blank with whatever
expletive you like.  Who was it that said: "Show me a sore loser, and
I'll show you a loser..." Well, thats how I feel.  I hope you don't
take my crtiticsm personally.  Yes, I agree it is: "...great that we can
discuss issues like this in this manner!!"


                     73 de Walt Kornienko - K2WK (FRC)
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>From John D. Allen" <jallen at  Wed Jul 13 23:02:33 1994
From: John D. Allen" <jallen at (John D. Allen)
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 94 18:02:33 EDT
Subject: w5wmu  power
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Here is my two cents worth:

Although W5WMU may be using more than 1500W, it is certainly possible 
that he is using aluminum and location instead of or in addition to 

In my experience, really loud stations have large antennae and/or an 
extra good location.  20 elements on 20M (Say, 5/5/5/5) or 3 ele on 80 
M results in an unbelieveable advantage.  Some really good locations 
are 10 db better than the average really good locations.
This 16 db (or more) is hard to match with only power.  (16 db = 40X,  
40 X 1500 =60KW output, 100KW Power input, 220 V single phase at 500 
Amps - NOT Available!  (These power levels are only available with 3 
phase service entrances.]

John Allen, K1FWF, jallen at 508-635-6854

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