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Thu Jul 14 19:47:15 EDT 1994

  > Not having operated at W3LPL myself, I can't state for sure that all of
  > 3-1000Z amplifiers are really kept at 1500 watts output.

This past contest season, N0BSH and I operated at W3LPL (CQWW SSB), KS9K
(CQWW CW), W0AIH (ARRL CW) and K3LR (ARRL SSB).  I can whole-heartedly
guarantee you that none of these stations are running 'nitro' or even 'gas'.
 I CAN guarantee you that these stations have AWESOME aluminum, and some even
have good propagation too!  (ahh, to live on the East Coast...)

If all goes well, I'll see you from PJ7 for CQWW SSB... my first DXperience!

73 Scott KA9FOX
ka9fox at aol.com

>From Rich K2WR <72407.1262 at compuserve.com>  Fri Jul 15 00:38:46 1994
From: Rich K2WR <72407.1262 at compuserve.com> (Rich K2WR)
Date: 14 Jul 94 19:38:46 EDT
Subject: W5WMU & GAS
Message-ID: <940714233846_72407.1262_FHG46-2 at CompuServe.COM>

I think the most significant thing to come out of the discussion
about GAS and NITRO so far is that some people have come to the
realization that what is "obvious" and what is "common
knowledge" is sometimes not true.

Rich K2WR

"It's not what he thinks that scares me;.... it's what he's so
damn sure about!"

>From John W. Brosnahan" <broz at csn.org  Fri Jul 15 02:15:18 1994
From: John W. Brosnahan" <broz at csn.org (John W. Brosnahan)
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 1994 19:15:18 -0600
Subject: Contact cleaner/de-oxidant
Message-ID: <199407150115.AA28399 at teal.csn.org>

Thanks, everyone for all of the information on contact cleaner and anti-
oxidants.  Because some of it was conflicting, I called the factory 
(thanks K0PP for the number) to get the real scoop.
CAIG Laboratories in California is the manufacturer of Cramolin R5 which
has gotten rave reviews in a number of publications since its introduction
30+ years ago.  It combines an anti-oxidant that lifts the oxides and is
petroleum based so covers the contacts and reduces reformation of an oxide.
But the original formula for Cramolin R5 uses freon TF for the propellant
and is not for sale to consumers although businesses can still obtain
it for the remainder of 1994, until the next phase-in of the EPA regs for
freon.  (Still available for $19.95 for 5 oz. if you have a business
license.  High price is due to the premium freon manufacturers are
charging for their product.)
But Caig labs has three other products to replace it called DE-OXIT.
1) D5 is petroleum based with naptha and has the disadvantage that it
is flammable during application.  ($8.50 for 5.5 oz can.)
2) DN5 is the nonflammable version that uses a hydrogen based CFC that is
EPA acceptable but it tends to be aggressive with some plastics and is
not recommended for electronics.  ($11.95 for 5.5 oz can.)
3) D100S is 100% anti-oxidant/lubricant.  It is $11.95 for 2 oz but you are 
getting all "good stuff" without being diluted by the solvents, and it has
a sprayer with an adjustable nozzle so you can put just the tight amount
in the right place.
1)  The prices quoted are their prices when buying direct but they have a $50
minimum.  When buying through dealers the price will be somewhat higher.
2)  MCM Electronics sells it and I believe it is also available through LTA. 
3)  They quote shelf life to be one year, so don't buy more than you need
and hope that the dealers haven't left it sitting around for years.  They
indicated that the one year is pretty conservative, though.
They also have a product called Pro Gold for gold contacts and it is also
available in a felt tipped marker for just wiping across those gold circuit
board contacts.
CAIG Labs at 619-451-1799 (ask for Diane James).
I also had a recommendation for a product called Contact-ReNu by 
I received a number of stories about how these materials cleared up
nagging intermittents in a lot of different rigs, and older Kenwoods
were noted as being notorious for problems that this stuff can fix!
Thanks for everyones input and I hope this info is of use to some of you.  
73  John  W0UN   broz at csn.org

>From barry at w2up.wells.com (Barry Kutner)  Fri Jul 15 01:20:56 1994
From: barry at w2up.wells.com (Barry Kutner) (Barry Kutner)
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 94 00:20:56 GMT
Subject: Thrust bearing centration
Message-ID: <L28gPc1w165w at w2up.wells.com>

I am planning on adding a second thrust bearing a few feet below the one 
at the top of the tower to lessen lateral forces on the rotor.
I plan on mounting the TB3 (Rohn 45) on a Rotor plate. Does anyone have 
any tips how to make sure it is centered prior to drilling the new holes?
I suppose installing it and drilling it up on the tower is one approach, 
but prefer to drill on terra firma. Tnx de Barry

Barry N. Kutner, W2UP       Usenet/Internet: barry at w2up.wells.com
Newtown, PA                 Packet Radio: W2UP @ WB3JOE.#EPA.PA.USA.NA
                            Packet Cluster: W2UP >K2TW (FRC)

>From rking at sescva.esc.edu (RICHARD KING - K5NA)  Fri Jul 15 03:19:10 1994
From: rking at sescva.esc.edu (RICHARD KING - K5NA) (RICHARD KING - K5NA)
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 1994 22:19:10 -0400
Subject: K5NA IARU Multi-single Score
Message-ID: <94071422191032 at sescva.esc.edu>

Congrats to the WX0X gang for a nice effort and score. We were trying hard
to beat you this year. Maybe next year.

BAND     QSO      Zones     HQ Stns
160       15         4          0
 80      117        18          8
 40      470        27         15
 20      970        40         23
 15      200        18          9
 10        5         1          0

TOTAL   1777       108         55   =  1,102,369 points

Ops were: KY2J, JA9SSY, JH7CUO, KU2Q, K5NA

I think that puts us in second place for USA multi-ops. Any more multi-op 
scores that haven't been reported?

73, Richard  -  K5NA

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