Tower Hole information

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Fri Jul 22 14:36:39 EDT 1994

Thanks to all those other people who I did not answer directly !!

A wealth of information was obtained on the round vs square hole question.

I will try to post a generic list of information here later.

Thanks Again !!

Keith  WB9TIY
BlckHole at

>From Garry R. Shapiro" <0006860332 at  Fri Jul 22 21:21:00 1994
From: Garry R. Shapiro" <0006860332 at (Garry R. Shapiro)
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 94 15:21 EST
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I have become alarmed at the number of stations, large and small, that
call CQ with 90% occupancy rate because all they need do is press the
play button on the Ventriloquist/DVP/Parrot/Voice Keyer.

The above is a quote from Peter Jennings, AB6WM, also known as the
marketer--not quite the creator--of Frankenstein's Monster: the
Ventriloquist voice keyer. Sorry, Peter old chum, I could not quite
pass on sharing the irony...(Of course, I own an use a DVP, which
with a shack next to the master bedroom, has so far saved my marriage
during ssb contests....barely.)
Garry, NI6T (ni6t at

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