KR2J at aol.com KR2J at aol.com
Mon Jul 25 10:59:07 EDT 1994

My first sprINT too!  This is the first one where I haven't been in W6 on
business.  Only made 62 Q's.

Re: KR0Y's lack of 40m antenna - you didn't need it.  It seemed everyone
(almost) stayed on 20 right through to the end.  My 20 meter antenna was a
dipole up about 20'.  I had hoped to make up for the lack of 20m antenna on
40 with a delta loop at 60' but ended up only making 5 qsos there.  Apologies
to N7LOX who couldn't copy my puny signal on 20m - twice.  

Also first time for N6TR LOG program.  Quite different from K1EA.  I like the
flexibility of the logcfg.dat file.
I'm going to work with it some more and use it in the next sprint.

Bob KR2J

>From fhmoore at nemed.b11.ingr.com (frank moore)  Mon Jul 25 15:42:23 1994
From: fhmoore at nemed.b11.ingr.com (frank moore) (frank moore)
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 94 9:42:23 CDT
Subject: KE4GY SprINT
Message-ID: <199407251442.AA03812 at nemed.b11.ingr.com>

KE4GY 54 Qs ant 40 inv V @ 30'

Had a good time. Also wished that there was more activity on 40 :) Interesting
that DL1IAO, G4BUO and NP4Z seemed to be easiest for me to work. Maybe I should
try the inv V in CQWW after all. This was the first time that I heard my name
come back, from NL7GP. Then while I was waiting to pass it on I heard it being
passed. Huh? NL7GP was tough to copy, maybe I messed up. Really, I wasn't 
trying to out do Larry!

     Frank, KE4GY "on the leaner meaner contest reflector where winners and
                   losers are as obvious as right and wrong and the American
     fhmoore at ingr.com

>From Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton at engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM  Mon Jul 25 17:41:00 1994
From: Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton at engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM (Skelton, Tom)
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 94 09:41:00 PDT
Subject: FW: Internet sprint
Message-ID: <2E33F27E at admin.ClemsonSC.NCR.COM>

At about 0245z I was startled by a very loud thunder clap from a
nearby lightning strike.  I turned everything off, grounded the
antennas, and stepped outside to check out the storm.  After a
couple of minutes of contemplating the frequency of strikes, the
height of my 50' tower, and the thickness of my rubber earphone
pads, I said "what the hell" and turned things back on for the
last few minutes.

Ed Gilbert, wa2srq

I said the same thing Sunday a week ago...I disconnected coax
on HF side, but left packet radio up and running.  Lightning
hit came through AC power, took out computer/2m radio/
tnc, then arc'ed through 2m radio chassis to speaker >
power supply > TS690s transceiver....blew it all.
The only thing that go saved was the SB220, and that was on
a 220 volt circuit.

>From now on, instead of "what the hell" it's "hell not again!"

73, Tom WB4iUX
Tom.Skelton at ClemsonSC.NCR.COM

ps:  YES!  Polyphaser ads now have my attention.....

>From jholly at hposl42.cup.hp.com (Jim Hollenback)  Mon Jul 25 16:13:12 1994
From: jholly at hposl42.cup.hp.com (Jim Hollenback) (Jim Hollenback)
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 1994 08:13:12 -0700
Subject: Is the A4S a weather vane?
Message-ID: <9407250813.ZM26451 at hpwsmjh.cup.hp.com>

I was doing some number crunching this weekend and came to the conclusion
that the Cushcraft A4S would make a pretty good weather vane. Do any of
you out there that own a A4 note any problems with the A4 trying to turn
in the wind? But then maybe I didn't figure the areas correctly. 
For those of you that asked if I came up with a good model for the A4, the
answer is no.

jholly at cup.hp.com

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