HF Grid squares..

BlckHole at aol.com BlckHole at aol.com
Mon Jul 25 13:47:40 EDT 1994

I think having grid squares as part of a HF contest would be COOL...

Just think !!  Everybody would be rare !!  Big mult total !!  Big scores !!

The ultimate in EQUALIZATION (yuk..I said the E word).

Keith WB9TIY
BlckHole at aol.com

>From Steve Harrison <sharriso at sysplan.com>  Mon Jul 25 17:51:09 1994
From: Steve Harrison <sharriso at sysplan.com> (Steve Harrison)
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 1994 12:51:09 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Real Contest
Message-ID: <Pine.3.87.9407251209.E8383-0100000 at eagle>

Here are the results of the KO0U/4 midsummer contest:

Landlady		100		Roof Antennas		-100
Pigeons			 10		Roof			  10
Electric Lawnmower    	DISQUALIFIED	Heliax cables		   0
Electric Lawnmower      DISQUALIFIED	Rotor cables		   0
Electric Lawnmower      DISQUALIFIED	Grass and weeds		   0

And the overall winner is.....the Landlady! The roof antennas were 
penalized for causing repeated trips to the roof to re-erect them and 
thereby contributing to the demise and replacement of the roof shingles.
The pigeons and roof were tied since the pigeons are now blocked from 
camping-out under the eaves, where their guano, over a period of years, 
slowly ate away the shingles and underlying plywood; Meanwhile, the roof 
was repaired, but at what a cost!

The Electric Lawnmower was disqualified for burning up before it
even get off the bare spot on the lawn to the grass, weeds or cables, even 
though the lawnmower had burned-up the previous Extension Cord, prompting 
what turned-out to be an unnecessary and deeply-regretted expenditure of 
funds for a younger, more sexy and heavier Extension Cord.

Stay tuned for next month's resumption of this great operating event! 
Steve KO0U/4

Now, wasn't that silly?

>From McCarty, DK 'Dav" <DKMC at chevron.com  Mon Jul 25 18:01:07 1994
From: McCarty, DK 'Dav" <DKMC at chevron.com (McCarty, DK 'Dav)
Date: 25 Jul 94 10:01:07 PDT
Subject: SprINT K5GN
Message-ID: <199407251709.AA97504 at portal.chevron.com>

From: McCarty, DK 'David'
Subject:  SprINT K5GN
Date: 1994-07-25 11:47


Great fun.  More activity than expected.

Twenty got better and better so very few Q's on 40.

Final: 152 before computer disk error.  28 after.  Very low score


David K. McCarty, K5GN
dkmc at chevron.com

>From Peter G. Smith" <n4zr at netcom.com  Mon Jul 25 19:00:51 1994
From: Peter G. Smith" <n4zr at netcom.com (Peter G. Smith)
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 1994 11:00:51 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: UA9BA's defences...
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9407251001.A2979-0100000 at netcom>

Whoa, Eric!  I think you're trying to put too many people under your
"whiners" tent.  I, for one, object to super-power because I live in a
society where the generally-accepted standard of behavior is to obey
well-founded rules and regulations.  I wouldn't presume to tell the UAs
(or anyone in another society) what to do, but I put U.S. use
of superpower in the same category as clipping* or signaling at bridge --
it's cheating. 

73, Pete 
N4ZR at netcom.com

* oops, for the non-US audience, make "clipping" read "tackling over the 

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