Labeling coax

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Tue Jul 26 21:31:35 EDT 1994

Well here is my 2 cents worth:
I use a label that is made by W.H. Brady co. It has a part number
of "PWC-PK-6".
this is a 6 in long plastic label that has a white space 1" in lenght
that you can write on. The only thing I suggest is to use a permanent
marker as ink WILL fade in the sunlight. The label also comes in a 3"
version also. The rest of the label is clear palstic to wrap around and 
protect the writing. I work for the local power company
and we have been using these for 15 years now and they are great.
You can get them thru your Electrical supply house.
Also Joe Walsh's call is WB6ACU. I found it in K1DG's 1994 Alamanac.
It is a real neat book (and is reviewed in this month's NCJ) full of neat
little tidbits along with lots of contest record info.
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