UNSUBSCRIBE (corrected)

Fri Jul 29 15:51:58 EDT 1994

It seems quite clear that even a <insert flame bait here> can send
a <ditto> message via CQ-CONTEST.  Yet, there seems to be some
confusion about sending "unsubscribe" to cq-contest-request?  A brief
tutorial from a little pistol: FIRST - there is NO SUCH command as
"UNSUBSCRIBE"!!! Yes, it's true. When you see 'unsubscribe' flying
across your terminal message after message, it is just more flame-baiting!
  The correct commands and usage for cq-contest-request are:

use "SIGNOFF" when the company takes away your fully depreciated computer,
use "SUBSCRIBE" when they replace it,
use "SET NOMAIL" when your boss wants your output back on track, or
                        some other annoyance,
use "SET MAIL" when you get your priorities in order,
use "QUERY" when you think the internet link has been cut by some hacker.

when all else fails, use "CT" or "NA" or "N6TR Log" and your favorite rig(s).

73 de N2ALE/6, alan

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