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WD8AUB at delphi.com WD8AUB at delphi.com
Wed Jun 1 21:12:02 EDT 1994

WD8AUB Single op Single Band Score for 15 meters only:
363 q and 236 prefixs for approximately 103,000 points.
Conditions were terrible in Ohio on 15 meters.  Highlight was JR3CDC called me
scatter and VK's and ZL's.  Pointed antenna direct (330 degrees) and signal

>From James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com>  Thu Jun  2 01:21:00 1994
From: James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com> (James White)
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 94 19:21 EST
Subject: Fwd: Re: Flares Suck!
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As you will see aptly pointed out below.....one should not attempt (via the
reflector) to post their score immediately after the contest in lieu of a
non-existant (or non-audable) 3830 posting......where people will ask you
the obvious stuff you neglect to cough up - perhaps due to listening to the
equivilant of 160 meters in July for the past day!

: WC4E (Multi-Single) 3.1M.......1765 Q/700 Mults ......

Q) so who were the ops? what was the station?                               

A) OH YEAH - OOPS....ops:

        WC4E/G4BKI/K1ZX/WB4BBH/ and hosts W1CW/W1YL

what were the points? breakdowns etc.......

       A full breakdown will be offered up to KA9FOX, basically we were on
40 and 20.....with a smattering of 15 and just a few on 10....think we may
have gone to 80 once....it was a nightmare, really. 

        This was the first contest with the 20 and 40 meter yagis up....with
the point structure favoring 40, and signals being loud on 40, it was
decided we would hit 40 as hard as possible from the gitgo...20 should be
able to produce qso's at any time-so make bigger points hay on 40 whilst we
could.....after 6 and a half hours on the same 40 meter frequency we
moved....I think we proved the 40-2CD works correctly!
        The fantastic start on 40 coupled with the back to back multiple
hours of 85 on 20 during Saturday had us a bit high and when condx crapped
out it hit me hard psychologically....Jeff WC4E had his logs from previous
years here and they had the by hour breakdowns....it was looking vy fb
indeed with me feeling quite assured we would kick some b...........

        Alas propagation....can't contest with it - can't contest without it
        Oh yes...did I mention we were shut down for 2.2 hours due to a
thunderstorm on Sunday???????? Since propagation had gone to hell it didn't
hurt quite as bad.  W1CW quickly suggested we make the most of the down time
by reviewing what could be improved upon for next time....addition of
filters was number one consensus....whilst we had 2 complete stations the
second stn was useless except during key up of the run stn.

        Stn #1 (the RUN stn):

                Omni VI w/the remote knob (vy fb)/ Titan / 486DX w/copro

        Stn #2 (the MULT stn): 

                Icom 765 / Alpha 374 (ole fathful) / 386DX w/ copro

        The "robot" station:
                TS430S w/PACCOMM HF & 286 Clone-----> for: 10 MHz packet    

                Spotting aids: Local 2M cluster (almost useless - this state
needs a contest club big time to feed one of                            
       these...) and 10 MHz ease dropping.........the 2M                        
was run into CT and the 10 MHz info monitoring was                      
       responsibility of multiplier station operator

        Hopefully by the fall we will have the 10MHz spotting info run into
CT via that elusive (currently non-existant) comm port.  Hopefully we will
also link the rigs with the computers as well....again more comm ports are
needed.....haven't I read this on the Contest Reflector? Stations ran CT V 
7.?....were fully interlinked. Including N2NT Alt-G capability.             

WC4E.......Jeff......please provide that Sultan of Schwing with the full 
breakdown after you delete mycall, etc.....                                 

        Thanks to all those zero point guys for making me feel I was really
kicking it...despite your QSO's being 0 points to us....and special thanks
to W1CW and W1YL for putting on a great multi.....whether we were running
'em or watching TV we were in comfort and the eating was great...especially
the Sunday dinner which we ate early...rather than after the contest
ended....it helped use up that 2.2 hours of t-storm down time!

.....how can someone not love this stuff?

                                Jim, K1zx

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