Aid for single-ops?

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Fri Jun 10 13:14:54 EDT 1994

As a follow up to Steves comment, Sony makes a handheld DAT recorder
with both VOX and time stamp recording.  It is under $600 at the
local electronics emporium.

73, Dave NG0X

> One way is for the blind contester to speak the contact into a tape 
> recorder. A problem, whatever media the blind ham uses for logging, is 
> telling time. A talking digital clock would be good; every minute or five 
> minutes, the clock could be automatically recorded on the logging tape. 
> After the contest, the blind ham could transfer the taped log to paper or 
> computer. This method is NOT at all the same thing as recording QSOs 
> directly from a receiver, and transferring the recorded log to paper or 
> computer after the contest is exactly the same thing as cleaning-up a 
> hand-written log after the contest.
> 73, Steve KO0U/4 <sharrison at>
> On Fri, 10 Jun 1994, Takao Kumagai wrote:
> > What will be the appropriate advice to the blind ham who
> > attend the contest together with his xyl as a logger in
> > the single op category.
> > 
> > This must be multi op class. And I know what single op means.
> > 
> > I believe he wished to join us very much but great difficulty
> > to log the qso by himself at real time.
> > Is there no way to submit the log as multi-op?
> > Touch-typing will be encouraged? How can he know the typo?
> > 
> > I hope to have the way which let him stay with us in contesting.
> > 
> > Any suggestions, advice or tech. hints will be greatly appreciated.
> > Thanks in advance
> > 
> > Tack JE1CKA
> > 

>From Tim Coad" <Tim_Coad at  Fri Jun 10 20:52:50 1994
From: Tim Coad" <Tim_Coad at (Tim Coad)
Date: 10 Jun 1994 12:52:50 -0700
Subject: What Coax to use?
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                       Subject:                               Time:12:28 PM
  OFFICE MEMO          What Coax to use?                      Date:6/10/94

(Trey, I hope this message is not too far away from being a contest topic).

I just put up a tower and I want to run low-loss FLEXABLE 50 ohm coax.  Not
interested in hard-line at this time. Can someone tell me the preferred type
these days? (The antennas will include VHF.)
Please mail me direct. (Tim_Coad at

Tim - NU6S

>From tree at (Larry Tyree)  Fri Jun 10 21:26:14 1994
From: tree at (Larry Tyree) (Larry Tyree)
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 94 13:26:14 PDT
Subject: SprINT
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The date and time for the next internet SprINT have been determined.  This
advance warning is intended to help you can keep that time open.

It will be on Saturday, the 23rd of July (Sunday UTC) at 0100Z for two hours.

There are no changes to the rules and it will still be 2 hours long.  
I will post the complete rules on the reflector when it gets closer.


Tree N6TR
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