Covenants, Testrictions

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>attitude. My point being that the PRB1 thing doesn't seem to mean 
>squat in any instance. 

Correct. If anyone is able to cajole, force, intimidate, smile nicely
or otherwise get a halfway decent antenna when some regulation implies 
that one should not be allowed, then  I have two things to say:
  1) Enjoy the antenna;
  2) You were lucky.

Ultimately, the only meaning that federal preemption has is that
ascribed to it by the courts. From my experience in three lawsuits
I can tell you that around here, PRB-1 will be ignored if your
neighbours don't want you to put up the antenna. (And don't expect
logic or facts to play any part, either. If they don't want you to
have it, you won't get it.)

  Doc  NQ0I / G4AMJ

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Subject: FR5DX QSL
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I didn't have a problem getting a card from him. I don't think it came back very quickly but I did recieve one. You may try a different route via France to see if that helps. Good Luck & 73's Marc KN6SO.

>From robert penneys <penneys at>  Wed Jun 15 00:00:14 1994
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Date: Tue, 14 Jun 94 19:00:14 EDT
Subject: cq-contest via Compuserve?
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My good buddy WB2K wants to hit the reflector from Compuserve. How??

Tnx Bob

>From ken.silverman at atlas.ccmail.AirTouch.COM (ken silverman)  Wed Jun 15 01:39:52 1994
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Date: Tue, 14 Jun 94 16:39:52 PST
Subject: Launching wrist rocket line
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>Ken, I,too have tried the slingshot/wrist rocket, but never come up with a
>good way to feed out the line.  I have used a spool from a fishing reel,but
>you have to find some way to anchor it.  This is no problem on the ground,
>as a large nail works, but I've done this from the roof of the house, and
>can never keep the spool in one place. I've tried duct tape, but it doesn't
>seem to stick to asphalt shingles very well.  Any suggestions?

73, Bruce WW1M  

Good point.  Seems like I left this all important part out.  I have never had 
any luck having the line flow off the spool.  Too much drag, and the speed of 
delivery is very fast.  

The method I use it to find a clear patch of ground (about 10' x 10') between 
me and the desired tree.  I then pull the line off the spool, and lay it out in 
a zig zag pattern on the ground.  You gotta watch out that it wont get caught 
on anything, and that you dont step on it and get all tangled up yourself.  In 
a windy day, it will also drag on the ground.  (this method has also worked for 
me on the roof of the house, but you gotta watch out that the line doesnt get 
snagged on the corner of a roof tile)

Not pretty, but again it works with practice.  There's gotta be a better way, 
but I havent found it.

Regarding Bruce's question on where can he anchor the line on the roof?

Well,I've used a tile to temporarily anchor the monofiliment line when there is 
no stress on it.  Other times I have just tied it off to my belt loop!  But I 
think Bruce is more alluding to the method of placing the spool on the roof so 
you can let it flow off the spool.  Well, no expereince on this one.  I've 
always used the above method.

Hope this helps.    Ken WM2C

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