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Thu Jun 16 20:06:58 EDT 1994

HELP on using the ARRL's Automated Information Server (info at

   INFO is a service of ARRL HQ.  To use it, mail messages to:

   info at

Each line of the message should contain a single command as shown 
below.  You may place as many commands in a message as you want.  
Each file you request will be sent to you in a separate message. 
Only ASCII text files are supported at present.

Note to users with FTP capability:  All of these files are also 
available by anonymous ftp to in the 
pub/hamradio/arrl/infoserver area.  Retrieve the file
index.txt in the /league subdirectory for a complete listing of 
available files by directory (with descriptions).

QST Files note:  Binary files mentioned in QST that accompany
articles are *NOT* available via the server.  This is an email
service only and cannot send binary files.  HOWEVER, these files
are available from the FTP site mentioned above.  Look for them
in the pub/hamradio/arrl/qst-binaries directory.

Valid INFO email commands:

help             Sends this help file

index            Sends an index of the files available from INFO

reply <address>  Sends the response to the specified address. Put this
                 at the BEGINNING of your message if your From: address
                 is not a valid Internet address.

send <FILENAME>  Sends "FILENAME" example: send PROSPECT.TXT

quit             Terminates the transaction (use this if you have
                 a signature or other text at the end of the message.)

Note: your message will *not* be read by a human!  Do not include any
requests or questions except by way of the above commands.  Retrieve
the "USERS.TXT" file for a list of email addresses of ARRL HQ staff.

This message is from info-serv at  Generate a new message 
addressed to info at instead.  We set it up this way to 
prevent failed mail from looping endlessly, annoying system
administrators.  Mail sent back to info-serv at ends up in 
the bit bucket.

Your From: field or Reply-to: field in your header should contain a valid
Internet address, including full domain name.  If your From: field 
does not contain a valid Internet address, the answer will not reach 
you.  However, we have recently added a reply function as a server 
command.  If needed, the REPLY command should be the first command in
your message.


reply mailaddr

Where mailaddr is a valid Internet mail address (either user at domain
or bang address accepted.)  An invalid address generates an error.  
A wrong address results in non-delivery of your response.

The address given in the reply command is the address to which all
subsequent requests in the message will be sent. 

If an error message is generated, it will be sent to the last reply
address given.

If anyone needs some help with the server, or has ascii information 
files that they would like to archive on our server, additional 
information or updates for any of our files, or suggestions for 
improvements, please contact me here at ARRL Headquarters via email or 
telephone (203) 666-1541.

73 de ARRL HQ, Michael Tracy, KC1SX, mtracy at

Sample of files available from INFO: (There are lots more!)

---------------- ---- ------ --------------------
#Note - If you are not yet an Amateur Radio operator retrieve the
#file prospect (send prospect) for information on how to easily get
#started in this fun hobby. 

PROSPECT.TXT       2k 930514 How to get your Amateur Radio license
EXAMS.TXT         52k 930629 Current exam schedule info - updated bi-weekly
EXAMINFO.TXT       9k 921020 Examinations - what to bring - requirements
USERS.TXT          6k 930119 List of HQ Email addresses
ARRLCAT.TXT       39k 930709 Catalog of ARRL Publications - commercial content
JOIN.TXT           2k 930621 How become an ARRL member
SERVICES.TXT       5k 930621 A condensed list of ARRL membership services
TOUR.TXT          28k 930621 An electronic tour of ARRL Headquarters
DIR.HQ             5k 930310 Visiting ARRL HQ - diretions and tour information
HFBANDS            7k 921203 Breakdown of users of HF spectrum
Q-SIGS             1k 921203 ARRL list of Amateur Radio Q-signals
W1AW.SKD           2k 930120 W1AW schedule of transmissions and operation
PRODREV1.TXT      12k 930227 Which rig is best? Part 1 - QST Lab Notes
PRODREV2.TXT      22k 930227 Which rig is best? Part 2 - QST Lab Notes
!LIST.TXT          6k 931120 QST Bibliographies List
RFIGEN.TXT        37k 930120 How to solve an EMI/RFI problem - QST Lab Notes
RFISOURC.TXT      13k 930607 Where to buy filters - EMI-proof telephones etc.
ADDRESS.TXT       16k 930318 Lots and lots of ham/electonic company addresses
KITS.TXT           6k 930430 List of companies that sell kits
BBS.TXT           12k 930601 List of ham-radio land-line bulletin boards
FAQ1.TXT          25k 930707 Introduction to the FAQ and Amateur Radio
FAQ2.TXT          45k 930707 Amateur Radio Orgs, Services and Info Sources
FAQ3.TXT          32k 930707 Amateur Radio Advanced and Technical Questions

Enjoy this ARRL service.  Please direct comments or suggestions (or flames)
#to mtracy at  73 from ARRL HQ, Michael Tracy, KC1SX

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