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Thu Jun 23 16:09:04 EDT 1994

Looking for suggestions: 

1. What height to mount a Mosley PRO67B (40/20/17/15/12/10 yagi on 32' boom)?
    I will be using a TIC ring rotor, and have a 120' tower with the area
from 60' to 105'
    available for mounting. Other residents of this tower are 2el. 40 @ 130'
and 4el. 20 @
    120'. I plan to use the PRO67 for 40m domestic contesting, mutiplier
station (M/S), 
    and general stuff on WARC bands. 

2.  What is a good height for 6 meters if you only have 1 antenna? I have
noticed most       people (even AA6TT) using fairly low antennas. Has anyone
ever stacked antennas 
     on a single ring rotor (i.e. could I mount a 6m yagi above or below the
Mosley ?)

3.   Until I put these up, I need a good omnidirectional 6m antenna
(Currently using a       dipole). Any suggestions on improving this in the
interim period? Maybe a vertical?

I'd apppreciate your ideas on the subject. Suggest you E-Mail me directly to
save clutter
on the reflector, and if anyone is interested I could post a summary.

73 - Will  AA4NC   (AA4NC at

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