Contest Rig of Choice?

Mockler Allen & Dixon mockler at
Sat Jun 25 14:06:25 EDT 1994

I'm thinking of selling my FT-767 and would like to know what the
"contester's-rig-of-choice" is these days. When I bought the 767 5 years
ago the CROC seemed to be the Kenwood 930 or 940, although I seem to
recall the Icom 765 as being up there as well. I am definitely not
going to spend the dough for an FT-1000, but am leaning in favor of
a used TS-950 or a new TS-850. I also have a theory that if I wait a
couple more years any new rig will have DSP in it. In summary, what is
the current CROC? de Rick VE9HF aka XL9HF aka CI9HF (all at once).

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