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Andrew Sargent N8OFS andrews at telemax.com
Thu Mar 3 00:17:39 EST 1994

What contests are the OSCAR's allowed???

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>From William L. Snider" <0006573551 at mcimail.com  Thu Mar  3 15:52:00 1994
From: William L. Snider" <0006573551 at mcimail.com (William L. Snider)
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 94 10:52 EST
Subject: List
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>From tree at cmicro.com (Larry Tyree)  Thu Mar  3 23:45:41 1994
From: tree at cmicro.com (Larry Tyree) (Larry Tyree)
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 94 15:45:41 PST
Subject: Sprint CW Log deadline
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Logs must be received by next Monday, March 7th!!

CW sprint logs may be submitted via internet in ASCII format to 
tree at cmicro.com.  They may also be uploaded to the N6TR Log BBS 
at (503) 658-6116.

Time is running out!!

If you mailed in your log without sending a disk or mailing it on internet,
you should have (so there Derek!) received a post card asking for your
log in electronic format.  Your prompt response will help speed along 
the log checking process.

Don't forget the next opportunity to sprint, the internet sprint on Saturday,
April 2nd.  If you need a copy of the rules, please send me a message.

Tree N6TR
tree at cmicro.com

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>From FRED LUCAS" <LUCAS at evax5.gdc.com  Fri Mar  4 17:03:00 1994
From: FRED LUCAS" <LUCAS at evax5.gdc.com (FRED LUCAS)
Date: 4 Mar 94 12:03:00 EST
Message-ID: <9403041706.AA16778 at gdc.com>

There has been some incorrect information published regarding the 
1994 Bermuda Contest.  What is in the CQ contest column is NOT correct.  
The contest has been changed to be a world wide contest this year and 
permits contacts within each country (i.e., US can work US). 

The following is a shortened listing of the rules:

1. The Bermuda Contest shall be open to licensed amateurs worldwide.

2. The contest period is from 0001 UTC March 19, 1994 to 2400 UTC 
   March 20, 1994 (48 hours).  Actual operating period is not to exceed
   24 hours.  Off periods are to be clearly logged and each is to be not 
   less than 2 consecutive hours.

3. ELIGIBILITY:  All stations shall be single operator only.

4. BANDS: 3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28 MHz amateur bands only are to 
   be used.  No cross band or cross mode contacts are permitted. 
   Phone and CW may be used on the above bands.

5. EXCHANGES: A valid report shall consist of RS(T) and serial number.  
   A contact with the same station on SSB and CW on a single band will count 
   for QSO points only and not as an additional multiplier.

6. SCORING: All valid contacts will be worth 5 points.  The final score 
   is the sum of QSO points for all bands multiplied by the number of 
   countries on each band, then multiplied by the number of VP9 contacts 
   each band.  Valid countries shall be taken from the most recent 
   DXCC and WAE country lists.

7. LOGS:  Each log, duplicate and summary sheet must be clearly labelled 
   with the operator's call sign and date (including year) and, where 
   appropriate, band and mode.  All dates and times must be stated in 
   UTC and frequencies stated in MHz.

   All contestants must compute their own score and check for duplicate 
   contacts.  Dupe sheets must be submitted for all bands which 200 
   or more contacts have been made.  A penalty of 3 contacts will be 
   deducted for every duplicate.  A multiplier sheet of VP9 contacts 
   must be provided.  All contestants must provide a signed statement 
   confirming they have observed the rules of the contest and the terms 
   of their license.  In addition, the contestant must provide their full 
   name, station QTH, full mailing address and a contact telephone 

8. All logs must be received by the Contest Committee, P.O. Box HM275, 
   Hamilton HM AX, Bermuda not later than 11 a.m. June 1, 1994.

Hope to see you in the contest.

73, Fred  K1EFI

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