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Sun Mar 6 14:56:23 EST 1994


Better Eu opening on 15 than I expected Sat. AM. Got to get my tower up! The
Explorer 14 at 30' consistently works better than I think it will, but just
about anything at 80' will work better, especially on 40m. The HF6V on the
ground in the back yard with 100 watts is almost useless for DX. I tried to
work a couple of JAs and it was futile. (Need to fix the FL2100 on 80m and
load the tower).

Regarding the tower, does anybody have any thoughts on how close to a house
foundation I can put the footing for my tower? My house has no basement and
is current  (1986) construction. The tower is an LM470, so the base will be
4' X 4' X 7.5' deep. The closer I can get it to the house, the more turning
radius I get. Thanks in advance.
73, Mike  AA7NX at AOL.COM
    Callsign used = AA7NX   SECTION = OREGON

   BAND     QSOs  Mults
    80        5      4
    40       34     16
    20       87     35
    15      240     56
    10       41     22

   Total    407    133
   Time operated = 10:01 

   SCORE = 162,393 POINTS
Equipment: TS-940S, Yaesu FL2100 (500 watts 40 - 10m), IBM 486DX33, DVP card,
N6TR V4.14 (beta)

Antennas: Hygain Explorer 14 at 30' (40-10 meters), HF6V (80 meters)


>From William L. Snider" <0006573551 at  Sun Mar  6 23:49:00 1994
From: William L. Snider" <0006573551 at (William L. Snider)
Date: Sun, 6 Mar 94 18:49 EST
Subject: K6KM Results ARRL SSB
Message-ID: <85940306234958/0006573551PK4EM at>

Single band 20M, operated by Ken WM2C: 

868QSO, 102 Countries, 264,690 points

All in spite of lightning strikes and a few hours waiting for repairs...

>From Doug Grant <0006008716 at>  Mon Mar  7 01:23:00 1994
From: Doug Grant <0006008716 at> (Doug Grant)
Date: Sun, 6 Mar 94 20:23 EST
Subject: ARRL DX SSB Scores
Message-ID: <02940307012320/0006008716NA2EM at>

1994 ARRL SSB Rumors from 3832.5
by K1DG

N2RM  4827-614-8.862M
W3LPL 4750-604-8.5M
K3LR  3885-593-6.91M
KY1H  3041-509 4.58M
W4MYA 2590-515-4.0M
K3ANS 2603-477-3.72M

AD1C  3531-511-5.4M  at KC1XX
N3RS  2658-526-4.18M
KS9K  2824-492-4.1M
WT3Q  1.94M
K1KP  1556-396-1.83M
K3DI  778-366-854K

K1RX 2400-469-3.371M
K1VR  2197-445-2.91M
K8AZ  1982-427-2.5M
K5NA 2.45M
WX0B 2082-374-2.3M
K5XI  2.24M
WM2V  1704-398-2.03M
W0CP 1678-322-1.615M
W3GNQ 1061-336-1.068
WW1G  759-289-658K

Single-op Assisted
K1DG  2092-447-2.8M  (WZ1R, opr.)
K3WW  1817-459-2.5M
K2WK 1637-433-2.121M
KC1F  1.9M 
ND3A  1231-427-1.58
N3RR  1172-417-1.49M
W2GD  1092-442-1.448M
N8ATR 1059-390-1.0M
K1IU   979-359-1.0M 22 hrs

Single-op Unassisted
K1AR 3080-443-4.1M (at K1EA)
K5ZD 2845-431-3.67M
N6BV 2605-409-3.196M
W9RE 2074-388-2.4M
K5MR 2013-339-2.04M
K3ZO 1994-349-2.0M
W2HPF 1750-363-1.9M
K4VUD 1387-251-1.043

P40V 9625-338-9.75M  (M2?)
6D2X 13818-354-14.7M MM
WP4U 9079-346-9.4M  M2
TG9AJR SOLP15 1985-57-339K
KP2/KE2VB SOLP 5608-275-4.6M
V31DX 9000-342 9.xM  MS
ZF2RT SOHP 6532-342-6.7M  (WA0PUJ opr)
ZF2ND 20M  3757-60-675K


N9LCR 15M 265-74-58K
AA2U QRP 600-236-424K
W2CRS QRP 275-11-91K
AA1EY LP 433-203-263K
WS1A LP 879-277-730K
KS1L 20M 1773-137-728K
W4PZV 80M 334-80-83K
KM0L 15M 394-91-107K
KE5FI 10M 340-73-72K
W9LT 80M 269-73-57K

Someone else can post detailed breakdowns...gotta get ready to go out of
town tmw>


>From H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at  Mon Mar  7 01:21:42 1994
From: H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at (H. Ward Silver)
Date: Sun, 6 Mar 1994 17:21:42 -0800 (PST)
Subject: ARI CONTEST.....
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9403061740.A25356-a100000 at bach>

The ARRL has been awarding cups and pins to Sweepstakes participants for a
couple of years and the increase in participation has been nothing short
of amazing.  Sorry, but I think it's a fine idea for getting the casual
participants to make an effort.  I would draw the line at cash prizes or
the like, but a pocket calculator?  I have a hard time getting worked up
about that.  Ham radio seems to be the last hobby which has figured out
that a small, tangible reward makes the difference between participating
and not to many people, for whatever reason.
73, Ward N0AX
hwardsil at

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