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Thu Mar 17 13:02:55 EST 1994

I just read CT1BOH's response to Trey's editorial.  As soon as I started
reading, I stopped and wanted to confirm that the person writing the note was
in an advantageous position (W1, W2, W3, W4, CT1, ect).  Sure enough...

Sure Jose likes 36 hours.  If I lived where I could run stations for 48
hours, I wouldn't like 30 hour limitations either.  Trey's editorial is RIGHT
ON THE MARK.  If you disagree, it is my contention that you probably live
somewhere that offers 36 hours of runnable conditions.

If your read CT1BOH's note, he points out that Trey is losing perspective by
forgetting about the rest of the world.  Well, CT1BOH did the same thing when
he presented his points... Everything centered around the fact that he
operates from favorable QTH's.  Well Jose, 90% of the people that operate the
WPX are not in your position.  Trey wasn't ignoring the masses, he was
ignoring you!  Sorry, now YOU are welcomed to the real world!

Don't you guys wonder why K5ZD/1 doesn't share your thoughts?  Gee.. He's a
W1!   How about me?  I'm a W4!  Well, it's because we've had the displeasure
of operating from the central United States in a DX contest.  Believe it or
not, you can't run people for 36 hours in WPX from west of W8.  

Oh... your thinking I'm just another whiner?  I'll tell you what, you go
guest op. at W0AIH, K4VX/0, K0RF, AA6TT, ect. in a DX contest a few times and
we will talk about whining...  Only then, one of us won't be ignorant!


Bill, KM9P

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