Pirated Software

carlson at tellabs.com carlson at tellabs.com
Fri Mar 18 13:57:00 EST 1994

There is nothing in the rules of any contest that I know of that
makes reference to the source (legal vs "illegal") of logging
software. Further, it is not the job of the ARRL to be the enforcement
mechanism in someone's private battle against software "pirates".
Find another way to deal with your pet peeve.

Dave AA9D

>From tim.ellam at logical.cuc.ab.ca (Tim Ellam)  Wed Mar  9 12:24:00 1994
From: tim.ellam at logical.cuc.ab.ca (Tim Ellam) (Tim Ellam)
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 94 07:24:00 -0500
Subject: ARRL SSB
Message-ID: <8146.1000.uupcb at logical.cuc.ab.ca>

Here is the VE6SH QRP score(all band) in about 14hours of operating
time-work intervened!

118q 60c = 24,090

Using a modified IC751 and a R5 and AP8(I moved in October to a new qth
and did not have time to put the tower up!)
QRP gets more difficult each year....maybe K7SS is right...its time to
crank up the power!
See you in WPX with one of the crazy Canadian prefixes(CG6?)

NB: The midwest think they live in a black hole...in Alberta we are in a
black abyss!

| Logical Solutions Computer Systems Inc.       Calgary, Alberta, Canada |
| Internet: logical.cuc.ab.ca                   (403)-299-9900 24 Lines  |

>From Smith, Pete" <PSmith at codei.hq.nasa.gov  Fri Mar 18 23:31:00 1994
From: Smith, Pete" <PSmith at codei.hq.nasa.gov (Smith, Pete)
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 94 15:31:00 PST
Subject: Pirate software
Message-ID: <2D8A3A2E at ms.hq.nasa.gov>

Maybe I'm odd this way, but if my name (and/or call) were embedded in a 
piece of software, so that it appeared on the screen every time it ran, I'd 
think twice before making an illegal copy and starting a potential daisy 
chain of pirate copies, propagating my name and my irresponsibility around 
the world .  We embed the registered user's call in each copy of Pop-Up 
Morse, so that it appears on the screen every time it's loaded.  Call it 
shameware.  At least we like to think it adds to the peer pressure.  Sure, a 
somewhat sophisticated pirate could delete the right bytes from the file, 
but you can never get 100 percent effectiveness with any enforcement 

>From Smith, Pete" <PSmith at codei.hq.nasa.gov  Sat Mar 19 00:09:00 1994
From: Smith, Pete" <PSmith at codei.hq.nasa.gov (Smith, Pete)
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 94 16:09:00 PST
Subject: Oops
Message-ID: <2D8A42D0 at ms.hq.nasa.gov>

Sorry, but I neglected to sign the piece about "shameware."  I don't believe 
in anonymous mail, so beg Trey's pardon for the bandwidth and hasten to 
identify myself.

Pete N4ZR  psmith at codei.hq.nasa.gov

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