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Fri Mar 25 16:40:28 EST 1994

OK, I guess the consensus is let the antenna questions fly!

#1)  I have 2 204BA's and 1 205BA.  I want to stack 2 of them.  I have a copy
of YO and have been playing with it, but I would like real world experience
with optimizing these antennas.  I hear the 204CA dimensions are pretty OK. 
Also be interested in hearing from you if you have lengthened the booms on
these antennas.  If you have some dimensions you are proud of, how about
sending me the YO file so I can look at it?

#2)  I have been trying (hard) to optimize a dual band quad for 10/15M with
AO.  I have 486DX2-66 and it is still VERY slow to optimize with 16 segments
per half wave...  Pentium is coming!   Does anyone out there have experience
with optimized quad antennas?  For the record, it is my experience that for a
given boom length you might as well put up a yagi.  A single band quad
optimizes fairly well, but when the 2nd band is added it is all screwed up. 
Even when optimizing both bands simultaneously, the antenna is very difficult
to optimize.  Oh!  Why am I even screwing with the quad?  I got 2 four
element quads on 24' booms (3") for $200.00.  Thinking about making it a long
boom job on a 48' boom, but not sure it's worth the trouble now.  Definately
won't put it up higher than 30' since I'm on a big hill.  

#3)  I heard today that DX Engineering is not making antennas any more.  Is
this true?

#4)  KR0Y has been personally flamed by yours truely regarding the ARRL
boxes.  Further flamage not necessary at this juncture.  Although Dayton
might be a good place to get in a few good jabs!



>From XMSJ29A at (MR JAMES A WHITE)  Sun Mar 27 04:09:06 1994
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 1994 23:09:06 EST
Subject: Florida CW Contest Group
Message-ID: <013.00510583.XMSJ29A at>

The following petition has been sent to the ARRL-please let us know what
you out there think of the idea. 73 Jim K1ZX

Billy Lunt, KR1R
American Radio Relay League
225 Main Street
Newington, CT   06111


Thank you, the Executive Committee and the ARRL staff for granting the
Florida CW Contest Group ARRL affiliation. We look forward to receiving our

Florida is a unique state in that it is a peninsula, having almost 8,500
miles of shoreline -- yet only 58,560 square miles of surface area (+/-)
depending on the tides, hi.  The ARRL club competition rules utilize a
circle of 175 miles in radius to create a club territory.  Putting the
center of this circle anywhere in Florida creates club territory in the
Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico.  A 175 mile circle yields about
96,209 square miles.  The 58,560 square miles of Florida is about 60% of
the possible 96,209 square miles allowed in an ARRL medium category's territory.

We are asking that the Awards Committee consider a request that we, the
Florida CW Contest Group, be allowed to include the entire state  of
Florida as our club's turf...seeing as so much of it now is in the surf!
We understand that this is a unique request, but geographically we are a
very unique state.

Please circulate this petition for club territory reclassification to the
appropriate parties.  I will copy our director and CAC representative.  We
look forward to participation in the ARRL affiliated club competition this
Fall.  73,

Jim White
Florida CW Contest Group


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