WPX musings

Ray Rocker rrrocker at rock.b11.ingr.com
Tue May 31 22:48:33 EDT 1994

As has been said already, pretty good at the beginning but el sucko the 
rest of the way. Didn't take too long Sunday morning to realize the day 
was better spent outside working on the ol' suntan (those flares musta 
made it brighter).

10 and 80 were both wastelands. 15 ok for a while Saturday afternoon but 
way down from recent contests. 20 opened nicely to almost everywhere at start
(esp. Russia/Finland) but went downhill fast. 40 looked good 1st night --
missed Europe window due to other engagements but SAm/Pacific were strong.
2nd night was horrid all over.

WQ5L SO/AB Medium power/low dipole 436 QSOs, 287 PXs, 198891 pts in 12.5 hrs
QSOs by band: 80m:5, 40m:160, 20m:235, 15m:30, 10m:6

I did get two new counters for my DXCC, and it was nice practice for
Field Day digging weak W/VE's out of the static. So, time well spent. 73,

-- ray // WQ5L // 6-figure palindromic scores should get novelty awards!
   rrrocker at rock.b11.ingr.com

>From Dermatology AZN Nijmegen NL <DERMA_BCH at AZNVX1.AZN.NL>  Wed Jun  1 08:58:13 1994
From: Dermatology AZN Nijmegen NL <DERMA_BCH at AZNVX1.AZN.NL> (Dermatology AZN Nijmegen NL)
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 1994 08:58:13 +0100 (MET)
Subject: What to submit as log???
Message-ID: <01HD0T1QD6NM00024Y at AZNVX1.AZN.NL>

I participated in the WPX for the first time this year. Could someone please
tell me what I should send in as log? I used CT and it produces a log per
band, an allband log, dupe sheets for each band, a multiplier sheet, and
of course a summary sheet. Do I really have to send in this whole bunch of

Looking forward to your information!

73 de Henri, PA3DUA

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