Hardline connections

Mon May 9 08:32:29 EDT 1994

I recently came into possession of some 1/2 and 3/4 hardline.  I need some 
ideas on how ato interface this to pl type connectors.  I remember reading 
about it somewhere (qst, cq, ncj ?) but dont remember where.  Any help will be
appreciated. Plans are to use it for HF/VHF with antenna switchs and short 
jumpers of 213 to rotating parts. 

73 Dan

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>From WB1HBB  09-May-1994 0852 <wrothberg at smoken.enet.dec.com>  Mon May  9 13:53:50 1994
From: WB1HBB  09-May-1994 0852 <wrothberg at smoken.enet.dec.com> (WB1HBB 09-May-1994 0852)
Date: Mon, 9 May 94 08:53:50 EDT
Subject: DVK-100 Mod
Message-ID: <9405091253.AA25493 at us1rmc.bb.dec.com>

I recently acquired a "new in the box" low serial number Nel-Tech DVK-100.
This unit does not have the "repeat"  mod installed. Any information on how
to do this mod (or acquire it) would be appreciated.

Warren Rothberg, WB1HBB
wrothberg at smoken.enet.dec.com

>From drs at ccd.harris.com (Doug Snowden)  Mon May  9 15:03:38 1994
From: drs at ccd.harris.com (Doug Snowden) (Doug Snowden)
Date: Mon, 9 May 1994 10:03:38 -0400
Subject: Mosley Manual
Message-ID: <9405091403.AA263016 at rs2>

Sorry about the bandwidth. Whoever was looking for the Mosley 2 element 40m
beam manual send me ur mail address. I have one I don't need. I also have
the loading coils from it. For free if you will pay postage. I'm going to
make mine into a full size 2 element. And then try and get it up!

	73's Doug, N4IJ drs at ccd.harris.com

>From WB1HBB  09-May-1994 1123 <wrothberg at smoken.enet.dec.com>  Mon May  9 16:25:11 1994
From: WB1HBB  09-May-1994 1123 <wrothberg at smoken.enet.dec.com> (WB1HBB 09-May-1994 1123)
Date: Mon, 9 May 94 11:25:11 EDT
Subject: DVK-100
Message-ID: <9405091525.AA01373 at us1rmc.bb.dec.com>

Thanks to all who responded. I am "connected" with a local EPROM burner
and plans are underway.

73, Warren
wrothberg at smoken.enet.dec.com

>From ken.silverman at atlas.ccmail.AirTouch.COM (ken silverman)  Mon May  9 18:16:16 1994
From: ken.silverman at atlas.ccmail.AirTouch.COM (ken silverman) (ken silverman)
Date: Mon, 09 May 94 09:16:16 PST
Subject: JRC Radios in Contests
Message-ID: <9404097685.AA768500176 at atlas.ccmail.airtouch.com>

          One of the new radios being shown at Dayton this year was
          the JRC  JST-245, which is a HF +6m all in one package,
          which would be neat for expeditions.

          Have any of you used a JRC radio in a contest before?  Any
          thoughts on thier equipment?  JRC is little know here in the
          USA, but have heard fleeting reports that the receiver is
          very solid.

          Highlights of the radio are:

          HF + 6M
          Built in power supply for 110/220
          Built in Keyer
          3 antenna ports with front panel switching
          106 dB dynamic range
          Carrier notch tracking
          neat pass bandwidth controls
          Quad conversion  RX
          Built in tuner
          Narrow/inter/wide filter controls for IF
          And all ther other neat stuff you would expect today

          Only real complaint from a look over was that you cannot
          have the 2 VFOs displayed at the same time.

          I thought I had my new expedition radio narrowed down to the
          IC 736, but this radio looks like it will compete for my
          radio dollars.  Any thought on JRC in a contest environment
          would be appreciated.

          Cheers, Ken WM2C/PA

>From jbarry at curia.ucc.ie (John Barry)  Mon May  9 19:18:56 1994
From: jbarry at curia.ucc.ie (John Barry) (John Barry)
Date: 09 May 1994 19:18:56 +0100 (BST)
Subject: ARRL log checking
Message-ID: <9405091818.AA09003 at curia.ucc.ie>

Billy, your account of the Log checking was very informative - 

However, when you check the logs, do you seperate US logs
from DX logs i.e. If you check the top 20 logs in the S/O W/VE
section, will you also check the top 20 in the S/O DX section?

Also, any chance of getting band breakdown for the M/S DX ???


John Barry EI7DNB
jbarry at curia.ucc.ie
ei7dnb at ei7dnb.cork.irl

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